Tuesday, April 19, 2011

shaffer weekends

if you know me at all, you know that our weekends are not usually spent lounging around.

in fact, they are usually spent working on a house, or our yard, or our rental house, or our farm.

say what!?!  i never told you we had a farm?

we don't.

kyle does.

i guess i do now that we are married.  dang it.  was hoping to avoid that one.  (i kid, honey!)

um, so yeah, we have a farm.  kyle's grandfather gave it to his dad, who then gave it to kyle and his brother, eric.  then kyle's dad bought back into the farm around christmas time last year.  and now he's going to buy out kyle's brother.

you follow?

we own 1/3rd of a farm.  and it's in southeast colorado.

now i KNOW i've told you about walsh before.

we spent last weekend in walsh, dragging our newly acquired trailer from the auction house to our farm.

it will not move again.

check this honking thing out....would YOU want to haul that thing around?

sucker is 40 feet long.  ain't movin' again!


master bedroom (soon to be retrofitted with a king size bed.  KING SIZE, PEOPLE!)

other bedroom (soon to be retrofitted with a full size bed.  we'll live.)

we stole those stairs from another trailer out on the property.
 maybe someday i'll show you the rest of the land.

including the house that kyle's dad once lived in.  it burned down, but the shell is still there.

or the mobile home that was there, but someone let go to ruins.  the roof fell down when there was a huge snowstorm.

or, maybe if you're real lucky, i'll show you the awesome junk i've rescued from there.

OKAY, OKAY, twist my arm.  here's one shot of one of my (many) finds this weekend:

western agri-management company was the company that bought the land from kyle's grandfather in the 70s, he then bought it back at a later date.
 i found a bunch of these out in the shed.  a huge range of numbers and they are all tin.  can't wait to see what a few of these will bring me on etsy.  :)

okay, that's three pictures.  so sue me.

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