Monday, October 26, 2009

this is why i don't live in a suburb.

or at least one of the many reasons.  :)

this is my street looking north.

and looking south.

i just adore fall.

although, kyle and i woke up the other morning to a an entire yard full of leaves.  luckily, we don't have any grass, so nothing to worry about it killing.  so, in other words, we are aren't going to bother raking them up.  and the dogs are L-O-V-I-N-G it.  i'll have to upload some video of that...too cute for words.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


it's friday!  so i'm doing my random friday a little early.  :)

i went and did my shopping today.  you all know how much i love target.  and coupons.  i was told (this is not the first time) that i was a "coupon lady" and that i was "awesome at shopping."  i like to hear that.  i kind of view couponing as a competition to see how much money i can save myself each week.  i saved almost 75% off my entire cart!  considering i got a cute sweater for almost full price.  (don't tell kyle that one...)

dillons and walgreens on the other hand...not so great to coupon at.  i ALWAYS have troubles there!  i think it's just the ones i shop at, because kyle's mom always does well at walgreens.  maybe i shouldn't go to the one i go to anymore.  plus, my dillon's kind of scares me, there are some interesting characters there!   there is a dillon's marketplace up at central and rock that i LOVE to go into.  it's like walmart only clean and has a way better organic section.


know what else i'm loving?  not getting up on the roof.  (i just had to add that in there.)


i really need to clean my house.  or maybe it should just clean itself.  i'm just saying.


i just painted my toenails a lovely shade of dark plum.  yummy, they look good enough to eat!


has anyone seen the proposal?  i really want to see it.  i adore ryan reynolds.  i also really want to see the new george clooney movie!  i can't remember the name right now, but it looks freaking hilarious.  who knew such a gorgeous man would be such a comedic genius?  kyle and i are huge fans of o brother where art thou.  he got me hooked on it.


finally...i leave you when another hint to my halloween costume!

Monday, October 19, 2009


...if i could be ANYTHING else in the world, what would it be?  i mean, other than an interior designer that spends most of her spare time explaining the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator...

a wrapping paper designer.

but, i also would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be an event planner.  which is (kind of) what i get to do every once in a while with a professional organization i'm involved with, IIDA.  we had an event last thursday (that i'm still recovering from...well...maybe that was saturday night out for casey's know...) and i'm finally getting around to posting some pictures!

i was on the decorations committee.  one of my bestesteses friends, kara, is our fall events chair and a few of us got to gether and planned the decorations.  i really liked the way they turned out!

here's some pictures!!

cafe table set up!
(don't you LOVE the graphics?!?  kristen is awesome.)

 bigger table for eating.  m&m's we are awesome idea...i can't remember whose it was, but still, brilliant!

kara gathered branches from her parents house in newton and spray painted them.  who needs to pay for fancy branches?  not us, interior designers are "crafty."

speaking of kara, here's the awesome girl herself!
posing with the big mask for the "best mask contest."

and i GUESS i'll show a picture of myself all dressed up!  all this reminds me is how much i need to lose weight.  and look how pale i am.  and i swear my hair IS NOT that red in real life!  that's a lot of ands...

and this is monica!  i work with her and our dresses kind of matched, we had the same beading on them!

Friday, October 16, 2009

random friday...once again!

sorry for the lack of posts this week...i've been super busy with IIDA, a professional organization i'm in.

the wichita city center, which i'm a committee member of, had a large fundraising event last night!  i'm pretty sure that it went well, but i'm SOOOOO exhausted!  it was a masquerade/trivia night/dance/gala thing.  anyway.  i have some great pictures, but i'm too lazy to upload them right now.  so, i guess you'll just have to wait!  :)


we finally hung some pictures up in the house!  it's starting to look like home, instead of just some place we sleep every night.  the boxes are slowly being unpacked...mostly because we haven't been able to get up on the roof.

this unfortunately will be changed because we'll be getting back up on the roof tomorrow morning.  boo.

that's probably a good thing though, the sooner it gets done, the sooner i don't have to get up on there any longer.


we've narrowed down our halloween costume!  and no, i'm not going to tell you what it is...but i will give you a clue!

i bought a skirt very similar to this one today at old navy (holla, $4.50!!  it's 50% extra off of all women's clearance and i had a 10% the entire sale coupon from the website.)  it's part of my costume.  

let the guessing begin!

Friday, October 9, 2009

finally friday!

it's another random friday post!


i had a really good day at work today.  no reason really, but just was a good day.  we did find out we got a pretty awesome new project that i'm pretty sure i'll be working on, so i'm pumped about that.  all i've been doing lately is answering questions on project i have that are already under construction.  not that that is a bad thing, i just am getting kind of bored with doing the same stuff over and over again.


we are finally starting to get stuff put away in the house.  which is awesome.  except we have a TON of stuff.  we have everything that we actually need out and in the open, now it's on to all the stuff that we don't need.  but, we bought this bookcase.  well...we bought ANOTHER bookcase that matches one that we already bought at target.  so now we have two that match and sit right next to each other in the office.  pretty sweet.  i'm loving it.  i do need get stuff put on it, but at least kyle got it all put together.  i'm loving it.

it looks like this:

only it's much more red looking in real life.  it matches our floors.  

i.  love.  it.


it's getting close to halloween.  and i'm freaking loving it.  my mom let me go through all her decorations and take some of them.  at least, the ones she could bear to part with.  :)  so kyle and i decorated the other day.  half way anyway.  the house is all ready, but not the outside.  i want to make these adorable spiders i saw in the the all you magazine.  (if you don't get this magazine, you should.  it's got awesome coupons and has really awesome craft ideas in it!  you can get it pretty cheap on amazon.)

so, i'm going to make this spider.  how cute is he?  and you use pipe insulation...which i totally have access to! score!


we are watching the new show "dollhouse."  whoa.  weird.

and we are thinking about going to a movie tonight!  we haven't been out of the house in forever.  stupid roof.


you know what else is awesome about halloween?  carmel apple suckers.

'nuff said.


i'd better stop blogging now...i have a baby shower to go to tomorrow and i'm not done assembling the gift!  better get on it!  and while i'm at it, i'd better finish my parents anniversary present...which was august 11th...

oops.  sorry, mom and dad.

Monday, October 5, 2009

ksu v. isu

the boyfriend and i tagged along with my parents to the k-state/iowa state showdown this past weekend.  it was held at the kc chief's stadium and it was a BLAST!  we tailgated with my (not so) little brother and his 7 roommates ( read that right, 8 boys, one house, can you imagine?  yuck.) and most of their families.  needless to say we had a LOT of food.  and it was delish.  mom's corn dip = heaven.  (and i don't even like corn!)

and the game was even pretty good, too!  granted, it looked like a couple of high school teams out there...neither is so hot this year.  fumble after fumble after interception and we even threw out a few new plays that didn't even have a quarterback in them...because he's THAT BAD.  so sad.  but the 'cats pulled through and won with a blocked extra point in the last minute of the game!  it was SO exciting and just reminded me how much i LOVE football!


here's a few pictures from the game.  we ran into an old friend of kyle's from manhattan and hung out with him for most of the second half.  he lives in iowa now and came to the game with some isu fans, he apparently got sick of being with them and decided to come hang out with the cool kids.

k and i at the game.  he even wore purple!

the view from our seats.  isu and ksu will play two years in a row at arrowhead stadium.  iowa state was home this year, k-state will be home next year, but still in kc.

 mom and dad partaking in some fun activities.  aren't they cute with their little headsets?  i think mom got tired of dad not talking to her during the games (they have season tickets to both football and basketball), so she got her own set to match him.  :)

some blackhawk's from fort riley (near manhattan, ks) buzzed us.  kyle said it was the coolest part of the game.  i beg to differ, the blocked field goal was.

k's buddy zach.  they used to work at cat together.  zach now works at john deere in waterloo, iowa and spent most of the game making fun of kyle's hat.  apparently it's not cool to wear cat stuff when you don't work there anymore.  i guess i need to invest in some agco gear for him!