Friday, March 26, 2010

damn it feels good to be a wildcat.

with a man like this screaming at you...i don't think i'd lose either.

GO STATE!  on to the elite eight!

and i leave you with this, the wabash cannonball, and the thought that every time kyle and i do wedding related things, the wildcats pull out a win.  engagement date - we beat ku in football,  day we choose a caterer - beat xavier.  aaannnnnd, it just so happens that i'm going wedding dress shopping tomorrow (please tell me that third times and charm, i'm already getting tired of it). one of my bridesmaid's boyfriend's told me to "keep looking until i found a dress, because i want a win tomorrow night!"  i'm hoping to oblige!

Monday, March 22, 2010

tonights gonna be a good night...

well, it better be.  someone owes me something for the crappy day i've had.

i'm not even going to get into it, but i had a crap morning at work.  not really going to go into any details, i don't want anything to get back to the powers that be.  i got annoyed at a coworker (i'm sure he noticed, i'm pretty sure i was literally shaking with anger) and i had an issue with one of my products in a building that's under construction.  which i didn't get to deal with because i was dealing with the aforementioned coworker's problem. ugh.

so, anyways, i had a crappy day.

luckily, while g-chatting it up with my one of my bridesmaids, kara, she mentioned a little bridal shop that some of her friends got their dresses at in macpherson.  i looked it up online and it carries not one but TWO of my favorite dress designers!  i. am. super. pumped.  i'm going on saturday to try some on.  i'm kind of getting down to the point where i need to order it already or i'm going to have to get it rush shipped.  the designers are mori lee and maggie sottero.  if anyone feel like being girly, i'm taking suggestions on which ones to try on.  i have a list a mile long, because i LOOOOOOOVE both designers (i have to admit...maggie is the overall winner...) and didn't get to try very many sottero dresses on at the one place in wichita that carries them, they didn't have the whole line there.  i'm hoping this place has some more!

in addition to that, when i got home i got the baker's twine i ordered on saturday!  how's THAT for fast shipping!  jeez, i haven't even gotten my wedding shoes that i ordered last thursday!  (i may or may not have ordered those because they have the name katie in them.  and of course because they are red.  it's possible.)  i'm going to use the twine for some wedding stuff...can't wait to show you guys!

this was probably the most boring post you've ever read.  no?  thanks for listening to be bitch and moan.  :)