Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas to all...

...and to all a good night!

it's good and snowy here in wichita!  here's to hoping you have a white christmas just like ours!

Monday, December 7, 2009


...for the second day in my life!  sorry girls...kyle wins that one for about a month ago.  :)

but obviously, i am happy enough to do more than one post in a day.  i know, a miracle in and of itself.

but these three girls truly made me SO happy tonight!  well, techincally, erin made my night last thursday.  but kara and anna didn't get their packages until tonight.

let me introduce you to my maid of honor and two bridesmaids!  they might kill me...i stole all these pictures from facebook.  >:)

erin - best friend since middle school, loves music as much as i do, understands that running is actually a fun activity, photographer for the lincoln journal star/wedding photographer, is an overall amazingly talented individual that i love and adore.

anna - my other best friend since freshman year, fellow kansas state alumnus, is my engaged twin (less than SEVEN days apart!), has lived in many awesome cities including new york city and her current town - tampa, and is one of the true heroes in the world - a sixth grade science teacher.

and kara - fellow interior designer from kansas state, was one of the few people in my ID  classes that was older than me (had to throw that in there), cares about the environment just as much as i do if not more, is way too talented for her current job, and has an adorable dog named layla that i want to steal  :)

now if i can just get kyle to pin down his boys, we might actually get somewhere with this whole wedding planning thing...
seriously, my last post was on thanksgiving?!  geez.  well, i don't have anything specific to talk about other than christmas presents, which i can't talk about on here because the people who will recieve them will read about them!

so....a random post will just have to do.

like or not.  :)


it's cold here in kansas.  we are officially paying for our awesomeness that was august/september/november weather by it being cold enough to freeze hell over.  not.  joking.  it was 25 degrees outside when i went to lunch, and that doesn't include the wind chill!  i'm a cold-blooded person and this does not go over well for me.


on a related topic, kyle put that plastic stuff that goes on your windows up and it made a HUGE difference.  i've lived in some old houses before, but i think this new one is the draftiest of them all.

he also put up programmable thermostat that should help with the utility bills...those were starting to creep up on us and you know how much i hate the gas company.


i'm getting close to done with my christmas shopping.  that's all i'm going to say on here.



i've got all my christmas decorations up!  i LOVE them, can't wait to do a post about it!

Thursday, November 26, 2009


a little kansas humor for you...

i'm getting ready to head out and find some good deals...YES, on thanksgiving!  i'm just going to big lots and walgreens, so don't have a cow, they are both less than half a mile from my house.  :)

then, i'm heading over to goddard to celebrate with mom, kyle and my little brother.  we are going to stuff our faces and bulk up for the "big day" in our family.  my parents own an ace hardware and it's BLACK FRIDAY time!  lots of good deals, so you should all plan on heading out to goddard to see me!

have a great thanksgiving, everyone!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

sorry for the hiatus...i've been just a LITTLE busy!  

*wink, wink*


more to come later.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

crafty goodness

i just might die if i don't make one of these real soon...


(i don't know why it wouldn't let me copy the image from the other link, but i totally have those same ornaments from the dollar tree and just might have to sacrafice some of them.  because shucky durns...then we'd have to redo the WHOLE tree!)

(and PLEASE, someone tell me if they find oranments like the top image somewhere cheaper than world market, i love the older style ornaments like those, so retro in an AWESOME way!)

Monday, October 26, 2009

this is why i don't live in a suburb.

or at least one of the many reasons.  :)

this is my street looking north.

and looking south.

i just adore fall.

although, kyle and i woke up the other morning to a an entire yard full of leaves.  luckily, we don't have any grass, so nothing to worry about it killing.  so, in other words, we are aren't going to bother raking them up.  and the dogs are L-O-V-I-N-G it.  i'll have to upload some video of that...too cute for words.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


it's friday!  so i'm doing my random friday a little early.  :)

i went and did my shopping today.  you all know how much i love target.  and coupons.  i was told (this is not the first time) that i was a "coupon lady" and that i was "awesome at shopping."  i like to hear that.  i kind of view couponing as a competition to see how much money i can save myself each week.  i saved almost 75% off my entire cart!  considering i got a cute sweater for almost full price.  (don't tell kyle that one...)

dillons and walgreens on the other hand...not so great to coupon at.  i ALWAYS have troubles there!  i think it's just the ones i shop at, because kyle's mom always does well at walgreens.  maybe i shouldn't go to the one i go to anymore.  plus, my dillon's kind of scares me, there are some interesting characters there!   there is a dillon's marketplace up at central and rock that i LOVE to go into.  it's like walmart only clean and has a way better organic section.


know what else i'm loving?  not getting up on the roof.  (i just had to add that in there.)


i really need to clean my house.  or maybe it should just clean itself.  i'm just saying.


i just painted my toenails a lovely shade of dark plum.  yummy, they look good enough to eat!


has anyone seen the proposal?  i really want to see it.  i adore ryan reynolds.  i also really want to see the new george clooney movie!  i can't remember the name right now, but it looks freaking hilarious.  who knew such a gorgeous man would be such a comedic genius?  kyle and i are huge fans of o brother where art thou.  he got me hooked on it.


finally...i leave you when another hint to my halloween costume!

Monday, October 19, 2009


...if i could be ANYTHING else in the world, what would it be?  i mean, other than an interior designer that spends most of her spare time explaining the difference between an interior designer and an interior decorator...

a wrapping paper designer.

but, i also would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be an event planner.  which is (kind of) what i get to do every once in a while with a professional organization i'm involved with, IIDA.  we had an event last thursday (that i'm still recovering from...well...maybe that was saturday night out for casey's know...) and i'm finally getting around to posting some pictures!

i was on the decorations committee.  one of my bestesteses friends, kara, is our fall events chair and a few of us got to gether and planned the decorations.  i really liked the way they turned out!

here's some pictures!!

cafe table set up!
(don't you LOVE the graphics?!?  kristen is awesome.)

 bigger table for eating.  m&m's we are awesome idea...i can't remember whose it was, but still, brilliant!

kara gathered branches from her parents house in newton and spray painted them.  who needs to pay for fancy branches?  not us, interior designers are "crafty."

speaking of kara, here's the awesome girl herself!
posing with the big mask for the "best mask contest."

and i GUESS i'll show a picture of myself all dressed up!  all this reminds me is how much i need to lose weight.  and look how pale i am.  and i swear my hair IS NOT that red in real life!  that's a lot of ands...

and this is monica!  i work with her and our dresses kind of matched, we had the same beading on them!

Friday, October 16, 2009

random friday...once again!

sorry for the lack of posts this week...i've been super busy with IIDA, a professional organization i'm in.

the wichita city center, which i'm a committee member of, had a large fundraising event last night!  i'm pretty sure that it went well, but i'm SOOOOO exhausted!  it was a masquerade/trivia night/dance/gala thing.  anyway.  i have some great pictures, but i'm too lazy to upload them right now.  so, i guess you'll just have to wait!  :)


we finally hung some pictures up in the house!  it's starting to look like home, instead of just some place we sleep every night.  the boxes are slowly being unpacked...mostly because we haven't been able to get up on the roof.

this unfortunately will be changed because we'll be getting back up on the roof tomorrow morning.  boo.

that's probably a good thing though, the sooner it gets done, the sooner i don't have to get up on there any longer.


we've narrowed down our halloween costume!  and no, i'm not going to tell you what it is...but i will give you a clue!

i bought a skirt very similar to this one today at old navy (holla, $4.50!!  it's 50% extra off of all women's clearance and i had a 10% the entire sale coupon from the website.)  it's part of my costume.  

let the guessing begin!

Friday, October 9, 2009

finally friday!

it's another random friday post!


i had a really good day at work today.  no reason really, but just was a good day.  we did find out we got a pretty awesome new project that i'm pretty sure i'll be working on, so i'm pumped about that.  all i've been doing lately is answering questions on project i have that are already under construction.  not that that is a bad thing, i just am getting kind of bored with doing the same stuff over and over again.


we are finally starting to get stuff put away in the house.  which is awesome.  except we have a TON of stuff.  we have everything that we actually need out and in the open, now it's on to all the stuff that we don't need.  but, we bought this bookcase.  well...we bought ANOTHER bookcase that matches one that we already bought at target.  so now we have two that match and sit right next to each other in the office.  pretty sweet.  i'm loving it.  i do need get stuff put on it, but at least kyle got it all put together.  i'm loving it.

it looks like this:

only it's much more red looking in real life.  it matches our floors.  

i.  love.  it.


it's getting close to halloween.  and i'm freaking loving it.  my mom let me go through all her decorations and take some of them.  at least, the ones she could bear to part with.  :)  so kyle and i decorated the other day.  half way anyway.  the house is all ready, but not the outside.  i want to make these adorable spiders i saw in the the all you magazine.  (if you don't get this magazine, you should.  it's got awesome coupons and has really awesome craft ideas in it!  you can get it pretty cheap on amazon.)

so, i'm going to make this spider.  how cute is he?  and you use pipe insulation...which i totally have access to! score!


we are watching the new show "dollhouse."  whoa.  weird.

and we are thinking about going to a movie tonight!  we haven't been out of the house in forever.  stupid roof.


you know what else is awesome about halloween?  carmel apple suckers.

'nuff said.


i'd better stop blogging now...i have a baby shower to go to tomorrow and i'm not done assembling the gift!  better get on it!  and while i'm at it, i'd better finish my parents anniversary present...which was august 11th...

oops.  sorry, mom and dad.

Monday, October 5, 2009

ksu v. isu

the boyfriend and i tagged along with my parents to the k-state/iowa state showdown this past weekend.  it was held at the kc chief's stadium and it was a BLAST!  we tailgated with my (not so) little brother and his 7 roommates ( read that right, 8 boys, one house, can you imagine?  yuck.) and most of their families.  needless to say we had a LOT of food.  and it was delish.  mom's corn dip = heaven.  (and i don't even like corn!)

and the game was even pretty good, too!  granted, it looked like a couple of high school teams out there...neither is so hot this year.  fumble after fumble after interception and we even threw out a few new plays that didn't even have a quarterback in them...because he's THAT BAD.  so sad.  but the 'cats pulled through and won with a blocked extra point in the last minute of the game!  it was SO exciting and just reminded me how much i LOVE football!


here's a few pictures from the game.  we ran into an old friend of kyle's from manhattan and hung out with him for most of the second half.  he lives in iowa now and came to the game with some isu fans, he apparently got sick of being with them and decided to come hang out with the cool kids.

k and i at the game.  he even wore purple!

the view from our seats.  isu and ksu will play two years in a row at arrowhead stadium.  iowa state was home this year, k-state will be home next year, but still in kc.

 mom and dad partaking in some fun activities.  aren't they cute with their little headsets?  i think mom got tired of dad not talking to her during the games (they have season tickets to both football and basketball), so she got her own set to match him.  :)

some blackhawk's from fort riley (near manhattan, ks) buzzed us.  kyle said it was the coolest part of the game.  i beg to differ, the blocked field goal was.

k's buddy zach.  they used to work at cat together.  zach now works at john deere in waterloo, iowa and spent most of the game making fun of kyle's hat.  apparently it's not cool to wear cat stuff when you don't work there anymore.  i guess i need to invest in some agco gear for him!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


it's been over a week since my last post. FAIL!

but tonight i just HAD to tell you about how much i heart target.  seriously, i could live there.  love it.

i found some cute little halloween dodads in the dollar aisle, they hold tealight candles.  a ghost, a witch hat and a jack o' lantern.  and i also got some treat bags. i'm going to fill them up and only give them to the awesome people at work. *evil laugh* no, seriously though, i'll just give them to people that know my name. which is...not that many. :)

kind of annoying, because i think i'm a pretty awesome person.  people should want to know me.  or at least what the heck my name is.

i also got some good stuff for decroating the house on clearance, which i'm super excited to start doing once the roof is done!  that and unpacking. 

yeah, we haven't unpacked everything, what of it?

Thursday, September 17, 2009

anouncement, anouncement, annnnooouunnnncement!

so...i admit it...i may have a hard time keeping up this blog. i know i have good reason and all and probably the last thing i need to be doing is this - starting ANOTHER blog! with all the work on the house i'd like to stop annoying you all with my house posts so i'm starting up a HOUSE BLOG! just so friends and family (that's YOU!) can see the progress of the house. or you can read my boring life posts here, at catie and co.

so head on over here if you're interested...but i'll keep my ramblings to this blog!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

oh, the irony...

you know what i'm doing, like right now. like right this very second. we're talking RIGHT NOW as i type this?

i'm watching biggest loser ( name is catie, and i'm addicted to reality television...) and eating ice cream. how SICK is that? totally twisted, right?! i should probably stop and go work out, but it's like a train wreck.

i. just. can't. stop. watching. it.

on a side note: i'm so glad daniel is back. that kid is so inspirational.

maybe i should use some of that inspiration and go to the gym...after i finish this...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

blessings in disguise

do you ever just have things that make you uber happy for no explainable reason? they just happen and you don't even know you are grinning like a maniac?

for example, i know a lot of women love chocolate. i'm not one of them. WAIT!! hear me out! i LIKE chocolate, but i don't love it. i, personally, am not willing to give up calories on it. i'd rather have chinese food. or french fries...mMmMmMmmmm...french fries....

but i digress.

the point of my post is this; here are five random things that have made me totally and completely happy for no apparent reason whatsoever in the last couple of weeks.

5. k waking me up in the morning. i am NOT a morning person, but at least i have someone to wake me up now. nelson wasn't so great at it. he is kind of lazy, like his momma. :)
4. fall. anything and everything about it. totally my favorite season.
3. ksu football season. even if we suck, i still love it. ksu people really know how to throw a tailgate. and this, obviously, goes hand in hand with fall!
2. playing with my dogs. they love me unconditionally and are always there to cheer me up.
1. fitting into an old pair of pants that didn't fit three weeks ago, even though i haven't changed my diet at all. if anything it's been worse! roofing must be making me buff.

what makes YOU happy?

ps - main reason i don't LOVE chocolate: it gives me migraines when i have too much of it.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

postsecret of the week

a little late in the week, but better late than never, right?!? right? right...

Monday, September 7, 2009


dear god, i hope this is a joke.

i really try not to get into the whole political and religion thing on this blog. because...well...i really hate it when people try to convince me that they are better than me, just because they go to church every weekend or because they vote a certain way. i like discussions, but just hate it when people get all up in my face and try to force their beliefs onto me. in fact, i love discussions. i think it's the best way to weigh your choices and make good decisions. i love to hear others opinions, as long as they don't expect me to automatically agree with them. i'll listen, and weigh my opinion and decide if i agree with you or not. end of discussion.

so, to reiterate. i hope this is a joke, i'm not trying to force my beliefs on anyone by this post, and please don't judge me by assuming this post means i'm trying to create trouble.

Friday, August 28, 2009

don't have a cow, man.

holy cow! i've really been neglecting posting lately. apologies to my adoring fans. all two of you! :)

so anyway, on to the reason i've been inattentive (okay, that's a lie, i've still be READING blogs, just not posting anything...) so...yeah...anyhooskies...

we've finally started tackling the roof. and it's everything i thought it would be and more. meaning it's completely terrifying, just like i thought it would be.

no, seriously, i kid you not. our roof has a 10/12 pitch, which translates to holy s#!+ freaking steep. in fact, that's why our estimates came in so high (oh, i didn't tell you that we were too cheap to just pay someone to do this? well, now you know) was because of the pitch. in addition, there is, like, NOTHING to hang on to. we have roof jacks, but that doesn't really help me. if i start sliding, what am i supposed to do, grab the person standing next to me? i think not.

so, it's taken me about three weeks to get used to being up there. and being sore. and being hot and dirty. and gross and sweaty. but i'm officially "used" to being up there. for the most part. the other day, i totally tripped over a bundle of shingles and almost fell to my death. but you know, i'm brave like that.

here's the process we go through.

1. rip up old nasty white interlocking shingles.

2. rip up old nasty MOLDY tar paper.

3. hang on for dear life, go down backwards and rip up old shake shingles.

4. shake splinters into a million pieces and you end up digging most of it out of the attic.

5. pull out the nails that were holding the shake on. SIX nails per shingles. yikes.

6. measure and cut new decking. nail to roof.

7. measure and cut new tar paper. nail to roof.

8. measure and cut new shingles. nail to roof (at least we have a nail gun for this part...)

9. move to different part of roof and repeat process. over, and over, and over, and over again.

on to the pictures...the action shots were taken by my mom. she didn't get on the roof, but still ended up hurting her back somehow. oh, we carpenter's really know how to hurt ourselves!

just a reminder of what the roof looked like before we started.

k on his belly digging at the shake under the siding.

dad and i pulling out nails (i look super excited) and k and his dad putting some new shingles on.

ripping up the old crap.

haha, k's butt looks funny because he was sitting on the ridge

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm in love with these....

I probably shouldn't tell you guys these because I'm totally smitten over these and want them all to myself but LOOK.AT.THESE! I want some, SO BAD! This awesome giveaway was brought to you byApron fact this sentence.... Giveaway at Apron Girls sponsored by great cookware and beautifuldesks!...earns a another entry, so head on over there!

If you win, I will hate you for life. Just kidding, but I'd be super jealous!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random thoughts for a random post.

We are watching The Way of the Gun right now. I wouldn't recommend it. Too guy-ish for me. It does have Taye Diggs in it. That's the only thing keeping me awake right now...Netflix is great, but Kyle and I alternate our picks and this was his. BOOOORING. My last one was Role Models. Now that's a good movie.

Danny: Can I get a large black coffee?
Barista: A what?
Danny: Large black coffee.
Barista: Do you mean a venti?
Danny: No, I mean a large.
Barista: Venti is large.
Danny: No, venti is twenty. Large is large. In fact, tall is large and grande is Spanish for large. Venti is the only one that doesn't mean large. It's also the only one that's Italian. Congratulations, you're stupid in three languages.
Barista: A venti is a large coffee.
Danny: Really? Says who? Fellini? Do you accept lira or is it all euros now?


Speaking of Role Models...I'm pretty sure that Paul Rudd is one of the best things to ever come out of Kansas. Google it, he's totally from Kansas City. He also went to KU (boo....hisss.....) but I'll forgive him. But, this explains the KU hat in Clueless, which was the first movie I fell in love with him during. Classic.


Today I think I handled a situation the way a "grown up" would. And that makes me feel good about myself. It was nothing bad, I just tend to speak before I think and today I actually thought before I spoke. Good idea, I should remember to do that more often.


The boxes are slowly diminishing in my day at a time. Unfortunately, K thinks it's my job to unpack them. The only upside I see to this situation is that I get to put things where I want them to be and he can't complain about it. However, I'm losing motivation to do anything, because I'm doing all the work. It's a two edged sword, my friend.


And now...a random list of movies I can't wait to see...

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Hell-OO Josh Duhamel...
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
The Proposal.
Funny People. I have a soft spot for Seth Rogan. In fact, I think K looks a bit like Seth...I'm trying to convince him to go as him for Halloween. :)
The Ugly Truth. I think Katherine Heigl is the new chick flick queen. And I adore her for that.
Orphan. Looks super creepy, but I like that chick in that movie, but I can never remember her dang name...anyway, she's really pretty and is a great actress.
The Hangover. I've heard amazing things from people I trust.


PS - The movie never got better. It just got more shooting in it. Le sigh.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Post Secret of the Week!

Okay...yeah...I haven't updated in a while, but you know what? I'm super busy. Like SUPER busy! Tonight we measured the roof. We have a reroof it and only have about 3 weeks left to do so...YIKES! Talk about procrastinating...we are quite good at that!

Well, I'm sure you are on pins and needles waiting to know what my favorite Post Secret of the week here it is!

Not that I think I'm fabulous, but because I LOVE Aubrey Hepburn! Adorable.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

i don't even know...

So, I got nothin' for ya right now. In honor of my blogger brain fart, I'm doing a survey...YAY for YOU!

♥ How long have you been together?
It will be seven years in November. Our official anniversary is Nov. 1st, although we did kind of see each other the summer before that.

♥ Who asked whom out?
We just kind of hung out a couple of nights in Manhattan and just ended up together. We didn't really go on dates until we had been dating for quite a while, we just went to parties and hung out at his house.

♥ Whose siblings do you see the most?
Probably pretty even, my brother lives in Manhattan and his brother lives in KC and neither of them come home very often. Lately his because he was the best man in their wedding last month.

♥ Do you have any children together?
Not unless a cat and two dogs count.

♥ What about pets?
HAH! I knew they'd ask this! We have my cat (Moe) and dog (Nelson) and his dog (Sly).

♥ Did you go to the same school?
We both went to Kansas State. We grew up about 15 miles away from each other, but didn't go to the same high school.

♥ Where do you eat out most as a couple?
Geez, who knows. Probably Chipotle.

♥ Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
Not far at all, I think Colorado, like a 12 hour drive.

♥ Who has the craziest exes?
Ummm...I have a real D-bag of an ex and one is really nice. I don't know much about his ex's, but he doesn't talk to any of them on a regular basis.

♥ Who does the cooking?
We both like to cook, but I'm the better one. He mainly just gets in my way while I'm cooking to "taste test" it. :)

♥ Who is more social?
Me. Hands down. He's a homebody.

♥ Who is the neat freak?
He is the CLEAN freak, as in sanitizing. I'm the ORGANIZATION freak as in I need to know where my shiz is or I can't function. But neither of us are neat freaks, you should see our house, it's a mess of boxes because we just don't care enough to clean it up. I'm FINALLY getting him to help me unpack some of the stuff, he's easily distracted unfortunately...

♥ Who is the most stubborn?
Him. I'm always right, so I'm OBVIOUSLY not stubborn.

♥ Who hogs the bed?
UGH, HIM. He rolls over on to me and I have to slap him to get him to move. At least he doesn't snore.

♥ Who wakes up earlier?
He does. He has a 40 minute commute to work and has to be there at 7:15 am. I have a five minute commute and have to be there at 8. I win!

♥ Where was your first date?
A party at the Stoner's house.

♥ Who has the bigger family?
Both of our sets of parents are still together and we each have one brother. We both have large extended families, but his hardly ever gets together all at the same time, mine always does.

♥ Do you get flowers often?
I don't get cut flowers because we both loved potted plants.

♥ How long did it take to get serious?
Not very long, a couple of months I think.

♥ Who eats more?
Definitely him.

♥ Who sings better?
I'm no songbird, but I'm a better singer than he is.

♥ Who does the laundry?
Me. I can't stand the way he does it.

♥ Who’s better with the computer?
Probably both of us in different ways. We both have to work with complex computer systems and programs every day at work, so together we can usually figure stuff out.

♥ Who drives when you are together?
He does. He feels it is the "manly" thing to do.

♥ Who is the first one to admit they’re wrong?
Me. But I also rub it it in when I'm right.

♥ Who eats more sweets?
He does, I'm a salty person and he's addicted to chocolate.

♥ Who cries more?

Monday, July 20, 2009


So, I just realized that I haven't posted since July 1st. *sheepish grin*

Sorry, been a little busy if you can't tell!

We are still working on getting the house all cleaned up and ready to go, especially since we have company coming to stay with us this weekend! YIKES!

So, on that note, here's my favorite Post Secret of the week:

I love old people, they are just too cute. And, speaking of older people, my grandfather's birthday is this Thursday! It's his 95th (I believe...) so HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDPA!

Monday, June 29, 2009

utter chaos

Well, I would try to get a post together for you guys, but seeing as how I can't even get my life together right now, here's a list of random things...

We are "officially" moved into the house as we no longer have my apartment to fall back on.
My brother felt the need to borrow my Jeep so we are trading for two weeks. It better come back in one piece!
We got a new fridge. It's awesome. And huge.
I don't like the shower in the new house, so the bathroom will be getting redone VERY soon.
We have internet!
I have a lot of bug bites from my backyard.
Nelson hates the basement of the new house.
We are going on a mini vacation this weekend to my parent's lake house.

That pretty much covers the last couple of weeks I'd say...

Happy July 1st, everyone!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

another giveaway

The amazing blogger known as is doing yet another amazing giveaway! This time it's Scentsy products! Scentsy is a really awesome sounding wickless candle. You can go to their website here.

I'm pretty sure that even if I don't win, I will be partaking in the buying of a few prodcuts, these look so awesome!
I'd have to say if I had my pick, I'd get the Black Raspberry Vanilla of the bars:

This awesome teal (I LOVE TEAL!!) plug in warmer:

And for the living room, I'd go with the Zensy warmer.
We have a lot of decorations from Asia that Kyle has picked up when he's there for work stuff, and my living room is decorated in red and black. PERFECT! So head on over and enter to win!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

totally awkward tuesday

Here's another tale from the crypt...that awkward thing called college.

The second semester of my freshman year, I took this really awesome history class with a couple of friends of mine, one of them a history major. That's not really important to the story, but you know, I thought I'd throw it in there.

Anyway, we took this really awesome class. I loved the professor, she was hilarious and totally married to her job. She even told us her job ruined her marriage. But, again, not important to the story.

So, we made it to finals week and I had done pretty well in the class, it was a big class and I had answered questions right a few times. I'm not sure anyone would remember me from the class, but, you know, the professor at least recognized me in the halls and stuff. So, I'm taking my final (which was a tough one, by the way) and it was HOT. We're talking Kansas summer hot, which is really freaking hot. And humid. The class was in one of the older buildings on campus, so I wore summer clothes and some Old Navy flip flops.

So, I flip flop my way down the stairs to turn in my final and my blue book with my essays in it, turn it in and turn around to go back up the stairs and exit. I get, like, two steps up and I catch my flip flop on the stairs and start to fall forward. My flip flop holds me for a second or two, lovingly trying to stop me from complete embarrassment when all of the sudden, POP, it blows out. I fall the rest of the way forward, and my hands make a nice slapping noise when I hit the concrete stair.

I hobble up the stairs, and my flip flop is more like a flip, flop, SLAP, flip, flop, SLAP with the blown out shoe. I exit the room and as the door closes, I hear my two friends snorting and laughing.

I waited for them to finish their tests and they flip flop while I flip flop SLAP all the way back to the dorms. They laughed the entire way.

Thanks, guys.

And I never wore a pair of Old Navy flip flops ever again.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pwease be my fwend!!

If you made it through that last post, WHEW! You are truly a friend. That was a long one. Took me, like a week and a half to write all of those. It's okay if it takes you that long to read it, too.

Thanks, friend, for reading my blog, I love having a place where I can write and be myself. Thanks for listening! If you're lurking in the background, be sure to comment, I love comments! And I love discovering new blogs, so leave it with your Google so I can hop over and read yours!

100 things you never knew on my 100th post!!

  1. I hate corn. No, check that, I DESPISE corn. Passionately despise corn. Because it pops in my mouth. I'll eat it in a few things, but never by itself.
  2. I have texture issues with food. Nothing gooey, slimy or that pops goes in my mouth. Sick. I might go vomit right now just thinking about it.
  3. But, I'll eat any other vegetable. Including brussel sprouts. YUM!
  4. My favorite food is Japanese food, ESPECIALLY sushi!
  5. I'm not that big of a fan of chocolate. Strange for a woman, maybe, but I'd rather have salty snacks than chocolate any day!
  6. I don't tell people I'm an interior designer any more. I've learned that they just go, "Oh, you MUST come over and tell me how to rearrange my living room." Well, sorry guys, I don't know much about residential design and I think everyone should be able to arrange their living room because they are the ones that know about how they use it, not me.
  7. I'm still best friends with my clique from high school. I adore them and they will forever be in my lives. I'm so happy for that!
  8. People think I'm funny. Unfortunately, about half of the time, I'm not trying to be funny, I'm serious. And then I have no clue why everyone is laughing. Sometimes I wonder about myself.
  9. I live on Diet Coke.
  10. I really don't like Pepsi. My mom used to work for Coca-Cola and so we always had it around the house. Pepsi just tastes funny to me because I was never give it as a kid, I guess.
  11. Farmer's markets are some of my favorite places in the world. We have a really good one here in Wichita (bring on the jokes, come one, I can take it. Yes, we have a lot of farmer's here...) and it's in Old Town, one of my favorite places in this city.
  12. Another favorite place of mine is, junk stores. Not antique stores, because sometimes they charge WAYYYY too much for stuff. Junk stores sell junk, that I can turn into something beautiful and tell everyone I paid a ton for it (JUST KIDDING). And they believe me, because I'm an interior designer, so, like, I should totally know where to get awesome stuff! Sike.
  13. My favorite color is red. The best red is brick red.
  14. Orbit is the only gum I'll buy. Kyle loves Extra, and I think that stuff is just sub par as far as taste goes. Orbit is far superior. Luckily, we go to Sam's and buy the multi packs for ourselves, so we don't have to share.
  15. There are very few stores that sell my size of bra (and I'm keeping that to myself) so I mainly shop at Victoria's Secret. One of the other stores is Fredrick's of Hollywood, we have one here in Wichita, which surprises me, but I just really don't like going in there, a little too risque for me. And their bra's run small, so I'm like two sizes bigger there. Just keep it all the same, people.
  16. Speaking of which, I think all clothes should all be set to a standard, because I don't like trying things on. I'd rather return it and try it on at home. I don't believe in mirrors in stores, I think they are there to trick your mind.
  17. Speaking of inappropriate things, when I bought my house, there was a big box of DIRTY MAGAZINES in my garage. It was Barely Legal, Hustler and some DVD cases of Soul Sisters. Well, whatever makes you happy I guess, but I'm throwing it out, not sure I can bring myself to recycle those... "Geez, man, I don't want your big box of porn!" Name that movie!!
  18. I ran track and cross country in high school.
  19. I was also co-editor of the yearbook my senior year.
  20. My parents own a hardware store. I worked there in high school. It's coming in handy now that I'm remodelling my house...
  21. I've been dating my boyfriend for almost seven years. Holy crap, that's since I was eighteen! I guess I'm just realizing this...
  22. Speaking of Kyle, I always have problems remembering what year he was born. Is that weird? He was born in March of '82 and I was born in December of '83 but we are almost two years apart so it throws me off every time, I always think it's '81 for some reason.
  23. I freaking LOVE McDonald's and anyone that tells me they don't like it, I automatically assumes is crazy. Who doesn't love McDonald's?!?
  24. My new neighborhood has all my favorite restaurants! Yamasa (Japanese fast food grill and sushi), Jimmy John's, Spangles and Chipotle. I'm going to get SO FAT.
  25. But probably not, because I'm going to join the gym I used to train at when I was in high school, Health Strategies at Wesley. Unfortunately, all those restaurants are on the way to the gym...crap.
  26. I'm addicted to anything Google. Reader, Blogger, Gmail, and especially Chrome. It's my new love, Chrome. You should check it out.
  27. In fact, I'm even typing this up in Google Docs, so I can spell check and save it. I'm not a fan of the drafts in Blogger, I like the Docs better. It's more like Word on Google steroids.
  28. I'm so OCD, that I set up a Google Docs spreadsheet to track our renovation expenses and then I added Kyle so he could update. Of course, then he changed a bunch of stuff and I had to go back in and change it back, but it's the thought, right?
  29. And then he created one for our monthly expenses...that boy really knows me!
  30. I recycle, like, everything. I even will take home stuff the old samples from our interior's library at work and make them into other stuff so we don't have to throw it away.
  31. I only get my hair cut two-three times a year. So sue me.
  32. I hate flying by the seat of my pants. I'm a planner. In fact, I actually schedule time to plan each week. Seriously, there is a event that reoccurs each week to remind me to export my work calendar from Outlook so I can sync it with my Google Calendar.
  33. Kyle, by the way, is the complete opposite of a planner. He's late everywhere and usually makes me late with him. Which I can't stand. He also never writes anything down, so therefore he's always asking me what we have scheduled when. It's a good thing I'm around to make sure he remembers to breathe.
  34. The other day Kyle and his brother were talking (I wasn't around I guess) and Kyle said something about kids and how many we wanted to have. His brother than said something along the lines of, "You want to have kids? You know when women get over the age of 30 they have trouble with that, right?" I'm still trying to figure out if he means we won't get married until I'm 30 or if he doesn't know how old I am (I'm 25, by the way.)
  35. I adore Craig Ferguson. Must have something to do with the Irish/Scottish thing. I adore my island-mates or something. :)
  36. Maybe I should point out that I'm somewhere between a sixth and a quarter Irish. We aren't sure, but that's what I am MOSTLY. Hence, the red hair and freckles.
  37. I have 8 piercings. But only one is not in my sicko, it's in my naval...I know what you are thinking.
  38. I really, really, really, really want a tattoo, but two things are stopping me. One, I don't like pain/needles. Two, they cost A LOT of money. I'd rather drop a C note at Target right now than on some ink. I'm trying to save up. It's a reward if I lose a certain amount of weight, so I might end up getting one eventually.
  39. I believe in ghosts or spirits. Or whatever you want to call them.
  40. And aliens. I think it's pretty narcissistic to think we are alone here.
  41. I also believe that MAYBE, just maybe, ghosts could be aliens. I mean, who knows?
  42. And, yes, I do believe in God and Jesus and everything, but, you see, the thing I DON'T believe in, is organized religion. I was burned by some people at a younger age and I'm not that trusting after that. It's not that I'm an atheist or anything, it's that I don't believe that anyone has the right to tell me what is right and what is wrong other than God himself. And he tells me through my ethics and conscience and prayer.
  43. But, I also like to hear about other's faith and beliefs. I love to have conversations about faith and learn about what other people think, just don't get me started or I may never shut up about it.
  44. I was completely offended the other day when someone I know told me that George Tiller deserved what he got. Oh my gosh, really!?!?! So wrong, dude, so wrong. No one deserves to die, regardless of what he's done.
  45. I am also offended by any racist/prejudice jokes. I hate them, even if they are just joking. What is this, 1845?
  46. I hate to argue about politics, but I passionately follow them. I love to learn about the person that is running my country/state/city/organization or whatever that I'm involved in. I want to know the real person, not what everyone else perceives.
  47. My dad is deaf in one ear and has poor hearing in the other. Makes car trips interesting. Kind of fun when you can talk about whatever you want, whenever you want and have a person not even know what you are talking about.
  48. Kyle is blind in one eye. Not sure I ever said that on here. He had a farm accident when he was working harvest the summer before we started dating (but, I already knew him) and a teeny tiny piece of metal tear through his retina and then rusted in his eye, killing all the rods in one eye. He's already had one cataract removed and he's only been blind about 7 years.
  49. But, I think those two things (both my dad and Kyle) has given me a different perspective on things. You think differently about the spaces you are designing when you know people with disabilities. And that is a good thing.
  50. My favorite flower is a cala lily.
  51. My favorite animal is a penguin.
  52. I think it's funny that Kyle is constantly asking me things like, "Your favorite color is teal, right?" Or something else. He KNOWS what my favorites are, he just does it to annoy me.
  53. I really like to talk about myself.
  54. I have the quote, "Well behaved women rarely make history" from Laurel Ulrich Thatcher on my desk. It's a good conversation piece!
  55. Did I mention that I work with about 95% men?
  56. I thank goodness every single day that I sit next to a totally awesome person. We get a long great and we have the same religious ideals/political views, which is a rarity where I live (READ: conservative, bible belt, Mid-America). Please, no one take offense, I know not everyone is like that (I'm not.) it's just that's how we are perceived.
  57. I worked my way through college. Like, all the way, six years of grueling hell to finally graduate.
  58. One job was lifeguarding/teaching aerobics/teaching swimming lessons at the Manhattan pool.
  59. Another was working for KSU Human Resources. My HR Hotties, miss ya girls!
  60. Another was working at an elementary school as a tutor and after school program mentor.
  61. The last (and probably my favorite) was working at Boys and Girls Club. I had some awesome bosses and got to work with teens. Greatest. Experience. Of. My. Life. It truly gave me great perspective on how I grew up versus how other kids did.
  62. The reason it took that long to graduate is because I drastically changed majors (journalism to interior design) and the interior design program is a very strict four year program, no getting around that.
  63. I'm one of those people that's going to say what I think, when I'm thinking it. Sometimes I even speak before I think. Sorry. I'll just apologize now, but it's the way I am, take or leave it. Don't read my blog if you don't like it.
  64. TLC has to be one of my favorite television channels. Followed by the History Channel. I'm a big giant nerd, but it's okay.
  65. I love wrapping presents. If I could make a living just wrapping presents, I totally would.
  66. Today I wrapped a present for my adorable friend. She will be getting a food storage container wedding cake. :) I'll post pictures later, I don't want to ruin the surprise! Just in case she reads this.
  67. I also wrapped another present for another adorable friend. She will be getting a Itso storage container (drool....) with a new bath mat and two hand towels. I rolled them all up and put them in the container and sprinkled some fun stuff in it. Wrapped it in a plastic bag. Again, I'll post pictures better.
  68. This is a strange one...whenever I paint my fingernails, it feels like they are suffocating. Not my toes, just my fingers. Does that happen to anyone else? Even clear polish makes me feel like that.
  69. Also, some sunblock makes my skin feel that way, too.
  70. I didn't get along with my brother very well when we were younger, but now that we are older, we get along much better. I'm happy for that, he's an interesting person.
  71. I wear sunblock every day, because I have lighter skin with freckles and even though I tan easily (must get that from my mom...) but I worry about skin cancer.
  72. I'm watching this new show on TLC right now, and the bride's name is Newsy. Isn't that adorable? She's adorable, so maybe that's why I think that.
  73. My dog doesn't give me "kisses" like licking my face, but he will lick my feet. What a weirdo.
  74. It has taken me a week to get this far on the list, but my goal is to finish it tonight.
  75. I'm going to TWO weddings tomorrow. One is a family friend that I basically grew up with and the other is Kyle's brother. A must to be at both of them.
  76. I'm watching King of Queens and it's one of those where Leah Remini is pregnant, but they just mask it in the show. I wonder why they did that? They should have just made them have a baby in the show.
  77. I always forget how much I like this show until I watch it on a random day.
  78. I'm so excited to get to travel when I have some more money. I really want to go to Europe, India and Indonesia. Especially Indonesia, because Kyle's been there for work, and he can show me around.
  79. We hope to go there on our honeymoon some day. And visit some people that he's met through work.
  80. I also would really like to visit Ireland some day, since both Kyle and I are part Irish. That would be really cool.
  81. Please don't ask me when we are getting married. I don't know that answer and I'm tired of getting that question.
  82. But speaking of weddings, I've always wanted to get married at the Exploration Place. I think it's beautiful and I didn't even know they did weddings there until recently and it's actually pretty decently priced. Might have started planning my wedding before I even got engaged. (I'm pretty sure I have an old post on this somewhere...)
  83. I also want a wedding with grey suits instead of black or brown tuxes. Grey is the new brown, which was the new black for a while.
  84. And I could possibly have picked out colors...and flowers...and everything else. :)
  85. I'm a very non-confrontational person. I have had some issues with people that confront me at work. I just have trouble standing up for myself.
  86. I think it is a result of being bullied when I was younger. I've never been able to stand up for myself.
  87. My hair is pretty thin, but I have LOADS of it and it's really full. And I have no idea where it comes from, my mom has really dark brown hair and my dad is blonde. Mine is a reddish brown. Hmmm...maybe a grandparent?
  88. If I just were to let my hair dry naturally, it would poof up so much, it'd look like half a fro. Not a good look on me.
  89. So instead, I put in gel and hair spray and scrunch it up to wear it curly or straighten it. The straightening takes like half an hour though, and the scrunching only take about ten minutes. You can guess which I do more often.
  90. I have so much hair that I can take a shower, throw my hair up in a pony tail, and when I take my hair out the next day for another shower, it will still be damp. I have a couple of friends that have the same thing happen, I just think it's kind of funny.
  91. My hair hasn't been cut in a while and it's getting so heavy that I can't wear it in a high ponytail because it's so heavy. I have to put it in a low one or I get a headache.
  92. I'm getting ready to update my 101 things to do in 1001 days because I'll be crossing a few off in the next couple of weeks...
  93. ...because I have some announcements to make! (And I'm so EXCITED about them!! Get ready!)
  94. Kyle got a job in the Wichita area.
  95. He starts a week from Monday.
  96. Which means he'll be moving down here!
  97. And we'll be living together!
  98. In our new house!!!
  99. And I'm so incredibly excited about it!!!!!
  100. And again, don't ask if we are getting married, this all happened really fast and we aren't planning anything in the near future.

I hope you like the new header I'm adding, I decided to go with the Catie and Co. after some major thinking about it. BUT...since we'll have a two person, one cat, two dog household, I thought the whole crew could be included in the "and Co." This is only my second attempt at making a header, but I really like it. Hopefully I can keep it for a while before I get bored again!