Friday, October 9, 2009

finally friday!

it's another random friday post!


i had a really good day at work today.  no reason really, but just was a good day.  we did find out we got a pretty awesome new project that i'm pretty sure i'll be working on, so i'm pumped about that.  all i've been doing lately is answering questions on project i have that are already under construction.  not that that is a bad thing, i just am getting kind of bored with doing the same stuff over and over again.


we are finally starting to get stuff put away in the house.  which is awesome.  except we have a TON of stuff.  we have everything that we actually need out and in the open, now it's on to all the stuff that we don't need.  but, we bought this bookcase.  well...we bought ANOTHER bookcase that matches one that we already bought at target.  so now we have two that match and sit right next to each other in the office.  pretty sweet.  i'm loving it.  i do need get stuff put on it, but at least kyle got it all put together.  i'm loving it.

it looks like this:

only it's much more red looking in real life.  it matches our floors.  

i.  love.  it.


it's getting close to halloween.  and i'm freaking loving it.  my mom let me go through all her decorations and take some of them.  at least, the ones she could bear to part with.  :)  so kyle and i decorated the other day.  half way anyway.  the house is all ready, but not the outside.  i want to make these adorable spiders i saw in the the all you magazine.  (if you don't get this magazine, you should.  it's got awesome coupons and has really awesome craft ideas in it!  you can get it pretty cheap on amazon.)

so, i'm going to make this spider.  how cute is he?  and you use pipe insulation...which i totally have access to! score!


we are watching the new show "dollhouse."  whoa.  weird.

and we are thinking about going to a movie tonight!  we haven't been out of the house in forever.  stupid roof.


you know what else is awesome about halloween?  carmel apple suckers.

'nuff said.


i'd better stop blogging now...i have a baby shower to go to tomorrow and i'm not done assembling the gift!  better get on it!  and while i'm at it, i'd better finish my parents anniversary present...which was august 11th...

oops.  sorry, mom and dad.

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  1. Caramel Apple Suckers!!!!

    I am so buying a bag today. I haven't had those.......probably since high school.

    Decorating for Halloween is so fun. And you're in/close to College Hill, right? What's the street where all the neighbors go all out? Broadview? Delrose? I went to College Hill Elementary and we'd always go trick-or-treating there.

    I need to click over to house blog and see pictures!


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