Thursday, March 31, 2011

throwback thursday: week 7

in honor of seeing my aunt sylvia this week (i had a pampered chef party and she just happened to be in the wichita area this week so she came), here's a picture with her in it (she's the second from the left).  my mom is the little one.

i just love the style from back then.  i was born in the wrong decade.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

wiww - numero uno

happy wednesday to you all!  this is my first time ever linking up to what i wore wednesday over at the pleated poppy.  if you haven't checked out lindsay's blog yet, head on over, she has the cutest stuff in her shop!

what i wore wednesday is a link party that lindsay holds each week...join us!

i'll preface these pictures by this: we'll be updating the bathroom tile...hopefully soon.  :)

prepare to be blinded by fugly bathroom tile!


 necklace: jc penneys
wrap dress: target, super old
tank under: target, even older
herringbone tights: target (on clearance!)
boots: piperlime (i wish mine were that cheap...)


i took the day off work since i worked the saturday and sunday before and went thrifting.  my tactic is to dress slummy so people will bargain with me.  i have no idea if it really works, but i try!  :)

aggieville hat: cat's closet (manhattan, ks) ages ago
sweatshirt: from when i was on the ksu waterski and wakeboard team.  (yup, i really was!)  (i just realized you can see the was apparently the 03-04 season.  go 'cats!)
green shirt: free on fake patty's day at the purple pig
skinny jeans: target (FOR FREE! with coupon)
boots: shoebuy

just for kicks, here the inside of my hat because i think it's nifty...and i'm sort of making up for a couple of days i missed...

 and the back is the number of people the stadium seats.


back to work!

cardigan: target
t-shirt under: target
skinny jeans: same as above, from target
ruffled flats: maurices

a better view of the cute ruffled flats.


worked on the rental house.
long-sleeved t-shirt under: dillon's in about 1998. (yup, dillon's sells sports team's shirts!)
hoodie: little boys section at target.  HAH!  ('cause that's how i roll...clearance and fits!?! goes in the cart!)
work jeans: super old from maurice's.
i didn't take a picture of my awesome work boots.  they are little boy's boots from walmart.  i have tiny feet.

sunday is missing.  sorry!


belted jacket: (love that site!)
black beaded necklace: estate sale steal
red ruffled tank: my mother-in-law bought one for myself and one for my sister-in-law from the target daily deals site.  it's ridiculously cute and has a racer back.
black tank under: incredibly old from target (i see this is a recurring theme here...)
black trousers: maurice's
teal snakeskin heels: thrifted, originally from dillard's, gianni bini's for $3!!  brand new!

you can't really see the shoes...i'll have to take a better picture soon.

and tuesday is missing as well.  i'll try to do better this week!

also of note, we have horrible lighting in the only room we have a full length mirror.  must go to kirkland's soon!

we'll talk soon.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

elizabeth, we'll miss you.

throwback thursday: week 6

august 19th, 1987.

i'm not too sure about this new little brother....

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


tonight i ventured a little beyond my normal chores.  into the guest room.

oi vey.

the guest where i've been harboring all my wedding stuff.  it's so embarrassing, i can't even show you a picture of it.

oh yeah, guess what?  wedding stuff doesn't just go away.  or sell itself.  or anything like that.

nope, it stays right there.  in the tubs.  where everyone put the stuff on the night of.


now i have a ginormous pile of stuff in my craft room, ready to be photographed and listed on etsy!  i'd like to make some money...but honestly i'm just more excited to have a guest bedroom again.

back to it.

ps - if you happen to be in the market for some milk glass, paper straws, vintage glassware, vintage table cloths, or any other thing that happened to be at my wedding, go ahead and visit my etsy shop.

pps - there is nothing listed there yet.  check back soon.


because i have nothing witty to say today and because i'm only sorta-kinda-not-really in the mood to think of something witty to say, i'm going to be a totally follower and join in on the Blogger ABC's that are floating around lately.

here we go...

A. Age: 27 (recently 27...although not as recent as Kyle's 29th!  BWHAHAHA!)
B. Bed size: king.  might as well be a queen though, i plaster myself up against Kyle "the Heater" Shaffer.  because i'm cold blooded.  and he's constantly running a temperature.  no lie.
C. Chore you hate: ugh, putting away/folding/ironing laundry.  i don't mind actually DOING the laundry, i like a laundry-smelling house, just the putting away of it...
D. Dogs: DAGS?  YOU LIKE DAGS!?  uh, duh, these two awesome pups: Nelson and Sly dawgs.

they're my loverbutts.

E. Essential start to your day: food.  i absolutely cannot start the day without breakfast.  and caffeine.  i recently gave up diet coke (GASP!!!!) so i've started drinking tea again. me some tea.
F. Favorite color:  red.  and teal.  and yellow.  and grey.  oh, COME ON, you can't ask an interior designer what their favorite color is!!  i like rainbows.  there, you happy?
G. Gold or silver: white gold.
H. Height: 5'8"ish.
I. Instruments you play: i grew up playing piano and clarinet.  i also dabbled in guitar for a while, but i only know praise songs from church.  note to self: must take up guitar again.  it's way cooler sounding than, "i play the clarinet."
J. Job title: interior designer by day, (un)domestic diva by night.  a wanna be domestic faking her way through adulthood.
K. Kids: not yet.  i'm holding out for the "Aunt Catie" position first.  it's only fair, my brother-in-law got married first, he's gotta have the kids first.
L. Live: kansas.

i like kansas.

M. Mom’s name: mary.
N. Nicknames: yeah....don't really have any.  except my friend Ty calls me Carp (originating from my maiden name).  of course, this is the same guy that calls Kyle "Patch."  because he only has one eye that works.  get it!?  :)
O. Overnight hospital stays: none so far.  i'm willing to bet i'll eventually have one.  i'm a incurable klutz.
P. Pet peeve: i only get to pick one?!?  well, since this just happened yesterday, i hate it when people touch things on the printer at work that aren't theirs.  i had to go through and resort all my crap because someone interrupted my print job to make a copy.  not. a. happy. camper.
Q. Quote from a movie: because i'm super classy, this is my favorite:
"no regrets, that's my motto. well...that and everyone wang chung tonight."
- out cold
so true, right???

R. Right or left handed: right handed.
S. Siblings: younger brother
T. Time you wake up: 6:30 or so on the weekdays.  much later on the weekends.
U. Underwear: what about underwear?  i have lots, thanks to the pretty ladies that came to my bachelorette party!
V. Vegetables you dislike: beets.  nasty.
W. What makes you run late: um, everything?  i'm constantly running late.  i blame it on the fact that i'm constantly forgetting where i put stuff, so i have no idea where the hell my keys/phone/purse are at any given time.  true story: i left my phone at work yesterday.  did i care?  not really.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: you name it, i've had it.  see letter "O".
Y. Yummy food you make: well i think pretty much everything i make is pretty yummy.  my latest triumph was rainbow cupcakes in celebration of St. Patrick's Day/Kyle's birthday.


and then i ate some with some ice cream.
to. die. for.
Z. Zoo- favorite animal: penguins!  i even had them at my wedding....

Thursday, March 17, 2011

throwback thursday: week 5


this week's throwback thursday picture(s) show you exactly why my mother was never able to NOT claim me as her daughter...

catie circa 1991 (second grade class picture)

digging the double shirt with the rolled sleeves...i was stylin'!

oh and my hair isn't as short as it looks, it's back in a french braid and we focused on the bangs, as everyone did in the 90s.  duh.

mary, i'm guessing around the same age. 1965?  feel free to shout it out below, moms.

in case you wondered, i get my freckles from my dad.  :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

for reals, yo.

tonight i'll be making some of these to take to work:

to celebrate a little bit of this tomorrow:

although i'll be wishing i was drinking this:

watching these guys:

beat these guys:

(please, oh please don't let us lose tomorrow....)

wearing one of these:

and these awesomesauce shoes:

sigh....being a grown up sucks.

like, totally.

at least the game isn't until 8:30, so the majority of these can come true.


Friday, March 11, 2011

five friday faves

how's that for alliteration!?!  duh, WINNING!

side note: Charlie Sheen is totally banana sandwich crazy {mmm...bananas....mmmm....Dane Cook....}, but i love it.  it provides hours upon hours of endless entertainment to me.

and now i know i'm not the only bat-shit crazy person in this world.  {only kyle will get that joke.}

so on that note, i bring you my five friday faves - IT'S ALMOST SUMMER!! edition

okay, okay, it's not almost summer.  but it's 57 degrees outside right now and the high is 70 today and i'm doing a happy dance about it.

never mind the fact that it will be 50 tomorrow.

and i'll be patching crumbling plaster and sanding wood floors.

nope, none of that matters.

to make up for my "poor ratio of meat to green stuff" {yes, that's a direct quote from my husband.} in last nights dinner, i probably should grill him up one of these.  how i long for tomatoes though...real tomatoes.  not that crap dillons calls a tomato.
best beer brewed in kansas!  well, kansas city.  missouri.

ready to shred some water up this summer.
 i'd love to be that comfortable.  i'd pay a lot of money to be that comfortable!!
i love this entire picture.  cat on bed, awesomely huge {and WHITE!} king sized bed, graphic pillows, and THOSE FRIGGIN' SWEET paper mache deer heads.

i want to go to there.

happy weekend, all!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

throwback thursday: week 4

love birds.

my maternal grandparents on their wedding day.

grandpa says this isn't their car {they didn't have one}, he's pretty sure they rode a horse back home.  they did, however, pick up the mail on the way back to grandma's parent's house.  

i love my grandpa.  :)

Monday, March 7, 2011


ironically, this is usually the person i refer to when i give my reasoning for not changing my nickname to Cat or Cate or Catherine to sound more "grown up".

grown up fail.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

bad news // good news

bad news: kansas state is not the big 12 champs.
good news: at least we beat KU!  :)

bad news: our faucet finally broke all the way {it's been hanging on by a thread} last night after kyle's shower
good news: he fixed it today!

{um...yeah...we've been forced to use a screwdriver to turn the hot water on for about the last, OH, 2 months or so.}

bad news: we went to kyle's grandmother's funeral thursday.
good news: we got to see his family on thursday and friday.

hey LOOK! it's walsh!

bad news: i lost the key to kyle's car.
good news: yeah, there really isn't any good news...i tore apart the cars and the house to try to find them...


Saturday, March 5, 2011

apologize in advance...

this is only to get my signature to show up on blogs now...just a little housecleaning.  :)


Glee - Fat Bottomed Girls
- Watch more Entertainment Videos at Vodpod.

yes, i realize this is a bit old.  sorry.  did anyone else love this as much as i did?

love me some Queen.  and some Puck.

WHAT!?!?!  don't look at me like that.

mark salling may play a high schooler, but he's actually OLDER than i am.  he was born in 1982.  i was born in 1983.

and he's not afraid to wear a little pink.  or NKOTB

Thursday, March 3, 2011

throwback thursday: week 3

no idea on date

in celebration of the weather getting a little bit warmer...we're going further back than before.  before i even existed.  this is my dad, water skiing at Lake of the Ozarks.  his family had a lake house there growing up and i would imagine that is what stemmed our family vacations to The Lake (yes, capitalized) every summer.  it was great.  i can't WAIT for summer!

update: i received this email from my dad after i posted this.

That picture you posted on your blog is from about high school maybe 1970.


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

it's march!

i feel like that should actually say...'IT'S FINALLY FREAKING MARCH!"

because, YAY!!!! it's finally freaking March!

March is the start of all things holy and great in this household.  it is honestly one of my all time favorite months.  ever.

1. Spring - a two edged sword for anyone with allergies, yes, but i happen to live in a wonderful state that has (say it with me, guys) FOUR. FULL. SEASONS.  if i lived where there was no seasons, i'd go postal.  wait, i don't think it's called going postal if it's a depression about the seasons.  i actually learned this in college, i'm pretty sure...i think it's called Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)  well, lookie there!  i was right!  and you all thought that a B.S. in Interior Design was really a just a B.S. in Bull Shitting.  it ain't.  i learned me some right good stuff in that thar place.

what was i saying?

oh, yeah.  i don't really like Spring, other than it's almost Summer.  which means it's almost tomato season, waterski season, and it doesn't get dark at 5 pm.  but i do get to start planting things outside soon.  i guess what i'm saying is, with the exception of my allergies, Spring isn't really all that bad.  she's just a little temptress that is the greatness of Summer, but let's be honest, they pale in comparison to Fall.

2. St. Patty's Day - i might not be full-blooded Irish, but i've got a bit 'o the luck in me.  i'd say my brother and i are about 1/6th Irish if my calculations are correct (you shouldn't trust those...i'm horrible at math.) so i fully enjoy St. Patty's Day. 

in a former life {ahem, college} i used to enjoy Fake Patty's Day, a wonderful and glorious Kansas State Aggieville tradition.  i partook in this awesome holiday a few times, but alas, i have decided that 27 is far too old to partake in the drinking of green beer at 6 in the mornin'.  my liver just can't take it anymore.

and i'd rather have bacon.

side note: how sad is it that the only "source" i could find for Fake Patty's Day is from  get with it Aggieville.

be that as it may, i fully plan on enjoying a good lager and wearing green on one of my favorite holidays.

3. Kyle's birthday! - he's turning 29 this year...the women of our normal "crew" are hoping to get some parties together for their 30th birthday, as all the husbands turn 30 in the same year.  so this just might be the year to have a nice stay-in party of two birthday.  we'll see what the birthday boy thinks!

4. March Madness - love me some college basketball.  especially when Kansas State is on a winning streak.

eat it, Texas.

i saw this awesome quote on Twitter earlier..."VarneysKSU There used to be a street named after Frank Martin, but it was changed because nobody crosses Frank Martin and lives. #FrankMartin"

 oh, Frankie....

would YOU cross THAT!?!?!

what's YOUR favorite month?