Saturday, March 28, 2009

kansas is like a box of chocolates...

you never know what you are going to get!

outside my apartment window this morning. least i got a snow day out of it, i left work at 1 yesterday!

do you like that i have a coke machine right outside my window?  yet another reason i decided to live here.  except i really want one right now and i don't have any dang change!!


Monday, March 16, 2009

PS of the week

OoOoOoOooo...betcha didn't think i would post TWICE in ONE DAY, didya?

well get over it.  i did.  :)

this week's postsecret of the week is....

because it reminds me of my awesome boyfriend who turns TWENTY SEVEN on friday.

man he's old...but, then again, so am i.

i bet you think i forgot about the list...

so, i actually HAVE completed a few things on my list, i just haven't been able to blog about them yet....until now!

#91 donate my time to an organization & #93 help out with casino night 2009:

okay, so this may have been kind of a cop out, but i still donated my an alumni staff member of the boys & girls club of manhattan (i worked there for three years in college), i was asked to help out with casino night, the yearly fundraiser. pretty much it's an excuse for all the rich people in manhattan to get together, fake gamble, drink and buy random stuff and it all benefits the kids.

this year was the fourth year i've helped out with CN, and it was probably the best one i've ever done! i actually knew what i was doing and my friend megan and i were told to just boss the other girls around and tell them what to do. which is what we did when we were at the club anyway, so it was a natural transition for us...HAHA!!  and most of us alumni staff wanted to hang out afterwards, so naturally we all went to the bars afterwards. you have to know that working with children is stressful. VERY stressful. 

i have to admit that alcohol was definitely a release for me when i worked there. not like i was an alcoholic or anything, but i definitely s
pent my fair share of time in aggieville whilst working at the club. it boils down to the fact that that job was so mentally and physically wearing that y
ou have to do something fun and uplifting so you don't end up depressed all the time. i was talking to megan at CN and i said that as much as i loved that job, my new job didn't wear me out as much because i wasn't thinking about the teens i was working with and what they were doing
 on friday when they didn't show up for teen night or if their parents had enough money to buy dinner for the weekend or if they were hanging out with their drug dealer brother or whatever it was that was going on at the moment.

here are a few pictures from the night...sorry, none of the actual event, we were too busy making MONEY to take pictures!  :)

kyle and i at pats...the best bar in the 'ville.  sorry it's blurry, we fixed the camera later...

miss megan and i!
erin and i showed up in the same dress...gosh we're hot.

the "old" crew...myself, logun, ty, erin, chris and megan.
ty and i finishing up the night...he's so photogenic.  :)  LOVE YA KID!

you can see more pictures on my facebook page.  and if you aren't my friend on facebook, why not?  am i not "awesome" enough to be facebook friends with you?  FINE THEN, I DON'T WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND.  jerk.

Friday, March 13, 2009

random friday

yo yiggity yo folks!

i'm so glad it's don't even know.

i'm taking a clue from the totally awesome and totally AMAYZING wonder woman and doing a random friday to get some stuff out of my head and into the world.


it took me SIX HOURS to do a floor pattern plan today at work.  first off, i was tired.  i couldn't sleep the night before and my friend jules was taking care of a very drunk friend of hers and kept texting me stories.  it was kind of funny.  but that's not the reason i couldn't sleep.  well, it could have been, i don't know what kept me up.  second, i had to completely redraw the dumb thing in revit.  i had it in autocad and i couldn't put it in the revit file (like i was told i could, and where it NEEDS to be for prints in four weeks) so i went ahead and just redrew the stupid thing.  irritating.  quit telling me incorrect information people.  it makes me not happy.

to be fair, i was distracted a lot.  our marketing guy came and talked to me for like a hour and a couple of architects had questions for me.  but the majority of the day was spent on my arse in front of the computer with autocad on one screen and revit on the other.


last night was an awesome night of television.   kath and kim, the office, 30 rock.  LOVED them all!

"i should have known marble in a can was too good to be true!"
-kathAY, kath and kim 


i gave kyle his birthday presents already.  i knew he couldn't wait until his real birthday so i gave in.  :)

pictures to come later.


go there and upload a's hilarious.

i'll upload some of mine sometime.  i'm too lazy right now.  :)




kyle found out today that they are having "temp layoffs" at cat for one week out of every month until june, possibly longer if they choose to do so.  SHEESH...does it ever stop?  this basically means that he won't get paid for a week each month.  thank god he has some savings because you guys know i don't.  :)


we are resuming the house hunt again tomorrow!  it's been on hiatus ever since i had a huge freakout when i didn't prequalify for a loan by myself.  

that $8000 tax break is calling my name!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

back? maybe...maybe...

so, i took a little bit of a break.  my true peeps will stay with me.  :)  i have faith in all of you.

but really, i took a break because i couldn't get on here and write anything somewhat happy.  for real.  i had an horrible experience at the park two weeks ago and i'm still dealing with issues from it.  the short story is that i was walking in the park and my dog may or may not have nipped at someone.  (there's not really any proof that he did it and that she didn't make the mark herself.)  it pinched her skin and didn't even break it, but she called 911 and of course the frickin' firemen came and then she insisted that they call the EMTs and then they came and then her friends insisted that they call the cops so they could report my dog.  poor nelson dog.  i know that it's scary if that kind of thing happens to you, but he's honestly never done anything like that and i told her he was up to date and that i would pay for her to go get her leg checked out.  she didn't speak english very well, so her friend was translating for me, but i think a lot was lost in translation.

no worries though, i was there legally, nelson was on a leash and the lady was just running past us going the other way.  he jumped over and (i thought) sniffed at her.  that is when she ran into the bathroom and came back out and showed me her wound.  i don't think she has much of a case if anything happens.  i hope.  unfortunately, the law always sides against the dog in these other words, the dog's owner.

anyway....nelson had to undergo a 10 day rabies quarantine at my vet's ($288) and i went and got him licenced with the city ($28).  i've also tried multiple times to get a hold of the family and have offered again to pay for her doctor's visit, but they haven't called me in almost two weeks.  i'm hoping the whole thing has blown over, but i'm not sure it's to hoping!

how have YOU been?

Monday, March 9, 2009

postsecret of the week:

of course i feel smug! not only am i saving the planet...i'm saving 5 cents a bag, even if i don't use them all!

don'tcha just LOVE dillons!?!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

blog blog blog...


i'm having a blogger's block.

see me in a couple of days when i'm ready again.