Friday, August 28, 2009

don't have a cow, man.

holy cow! i've really been neglecting posting lately. apologies to my adoring fans. all two of you! :)

so anyway, on to the reason i've been inattentive (okay, that's a lie, i've still be READING blogs, just not posting anything...) so...yeah...anyhooskies...

we've finally started tackling the roof. and it's everything i thought it would be and more. meaning it's completely terrifying, just like i thought it would be.

no, seriously, i kid you not. our roof has a 10/12 pitch, which translates to holy s#!+ freaking steep. in fact, that's why our estimates came in so high (oh, i didn't tell you that we were too cheap to just pay someone to do this? well, now you know) was because of the pitch. in addition, there is, like, NOTHING to hang on to. we have roof jacks, but that doesn't really help me. if i start sliding, what am i supposed to do, grab the person standing next to me? i think not.

so, it's taken me about three weeks to get used to being up there. and being sore. and being hot and dirty. and gross and sweaty. but i'm officially "used" to being up there. for the most part. the other day, i totally tripped over a bundle of shingles and almost fell to my death. but you know, i'm brave like that.

here's the process we go through.

1. rip up old nasty white interlocking shingles.

2. rip up old nasty MOLDY tar paper.

3. hang on for dear life, go down backwards and rip up old shake shingles.

4. shake splinters into a million pieces and you end up digging most of it out of the attic.

5. pull out the nails that were holding the shake on. SIX nails per shingles. yikes.

6. measure and cut new decking. nail to roof.

7. measure and cut new tar paper. nail to roof.

8. measure and cut new shingles. nail to roof (at least we have a nail gun for this part...)

9. move to different part of roof and repeat process. over, and over, and over, and over again.

on to the pictures...the action shots were taken by my mom. she didn't get on the roof, but still ended up hurting her back somehow. oh, we carpenter's really know how to hurt ourselves!

just a reminder of what the roof looked like before we started.

k on his belly digging at the shake under the siding.

dad and i pulling out nails (i look super excited) and k and his dad putting some new shingles on.

ripping up the old crap.

haha, k's butt looks funny because he was sitting on the ridge

Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm in love with these....

I probably shouldn't tell you guys these because I'm totally smitten over these and want them all to myself but LOOK.AT.THESE! I want some, SO BAD! This awesome giveaway was brought to you byApron fact this sentence.... Giveaway at Apron Girls sponsored by great cookware and beautifuldesks!...earns a another entry, so head on over there!

If you win, I will hate you for life. Just kidding, but I'd be super jealous!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Random thoughts for a random post.

We are watching The Way of the Gun right now. I wouldn't recommend it. Too guy-ish for me. It does have Taye Diggs in it. That's the only thing keeping me awake right now...Netflix is great, but Kyle and I alternate our picks and this was his. BOOOORING. My last one was Role Models. Now that's a good movie.

Danny: Can I get a large black coffee?
Barista: A what?
Danny: Large black coffee.
Barista: Do you mean a venti?
Danny: No, I mean a large.
Barista: Venti is large.
Danny: No, venti is twenty. Large is large. In fact, tall is large and grande is Spanish for large. Venti is the only one that doesn't mean large. It's also the only one that's Italian. Congratulations, you're stupid in three languages.
Barista: A venti is a large coffee.
Danny: Really? Says who? Fellini? Do you accept lira or is it all euros now?


Speaking of Role Models...I'm pretty sure that Paul Rudd is one of the best things to ever come out of Kansas. Google it, he's totally from Kansas City. He also went to KU (boo....hisss.....) but I'll forgive him. But, this explains the KU hat in Clueless, which was the first movie I fell in love with him during. Classic.


Today I think I handled a situation the way a "grown up" would. And that makes me feel good about myself. It was nothing bad, I just tend to speak before I think and today I actually thought before I spoke. Good idea, I should remember to do that more often.


The boxes are slowly diminishing in my day at a time. Unfortunately, K thinks it's my job to unpack them. The only upside I see to this situation is that I get to put things where I want them to be and he can't complain about it. However, I'm losing motivation to do anything, because I'm doing all the work. It's a two edged sword, my friend.


And now...a random list of movies I can't wait to see...

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Hell-OO Josh Duhamel...
Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.
The Proposal.
Funny People. I have a soft spot for Seth Rogan. In fact, I think K looks a bit like Seth...I'm trying to convince him to go as him for Halloween. :)
The Ugly Truth. I think Katherine Heigl is the new chick flick queen. And I adore her for that.
Orphan. Looks super creepy, but I like that chick in that movie, but I can never remember her dang name...anyway, she's really pretty and is a great actress.
The Hangover. I've heard amazing things from people I trust.


PS - The movie never got better. It just got more shooting in it. Le sigh.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Post Secret of the Week!

Okay...yeah...I haven't updated in a while, but you know what? I'm super busy. Like SUPER busy! Tonight we measured the roof. We have a reroof it and only have about 3 weeks left to do so...YIKES! Talk about procrastinating...we are quite good at that!

Well, I'm sure you are on pins and needles waiting to know what my favorite Post Secret of the week here it is!

Not that I think I'm fabulous, but because I LOVE Aubrey Hepburn! Adorable.