Thursday, December 24, 2009

merry christmas to all...

...and to all a good night!

it's good and snowy here in wichita!  here's to hoping you have a white christmas just like ours!

Monday, December 7, 2009


...for the second day in my life!  sorry girls...kyle wins that one for about a month ago.  :)

but obviously, i am happy enough to do more than one post in a day.  i know, a miracle in and of itself.

but these three girls truly made me SO happy tonight!  well, techincally, erin made my night last thursday.  but kara and anna didn't get their packages until tonight.

let me introduce you to my maid of honor and two bridesmaids!  they might kill me...i stole all these pictures from facebook.  >:)

erin - best friend since middle school, loves music as much as i do, understands that running is actually a fun activity, photographer for the lincoln journal star/wedding photographer, is an overall amazingly talented individual that i love and adore.

anna - my other best friend since freshman year, fellow kansas state alumnus, is my engaged twin (less than SEVEN days apart!), has lived in many awesome cities including new york city and her current town - tampa, and is one of the true heroes in the world - a sixth grade science teacher.

and kara - fellow interior designer from kansas state, was one of the few people in my ID  classes that was older than me (had to throw that in there), cares about the environment just as much as i do if not more, is way too talented for her current job, and has an adorable dog named layla that i want to steal  :)

now if i can just get kyle to pin down his boys, we might actually get somewhere with this whole wedding planning thing...
seriously, my last post was on thanksgiving?!  geez.  well, i don't have anything specific to talk about other than christmas presents, which i can't talk about on here because the people who will recieve them will read about them!

so....a random post will just have to do.

like or not.  :)


it's cold here in kansas.  we are officially paying for our awesomeness that was august/september/november weather by it being cold enough to freeze hell over.  not.  joking.  it was 25 degrees outside when i went to lunch, and that doesn't include the wind chill!  i'm a cold-blooded person and this does not go over well for me.


on a related topic, kyle put that plastic stuff that goes on your windows up and it made a HUGE difference.  i've lived in some old houses before, but i think this new one is the draftiest of them all.

he also put up programmable thermostat that should help with the utility bills...those were starting to creep up on us and you know how much i hate the gas company.


i'm getting close to done with my christmas shopping.  that's all i'm going to say on here.



i've got all my christmas decorations up!  i LOVE them, can't wait to do a post about it!