Sunday, May 25, 2008


oh my. i never thought it would be this hard to find a decent place to live in wichita. i mean i'm FROM here, i should know these areas and what is good and what isn't. but, i have spent the past two days sweltering in my car looking for a place to live. i'm looking to either rent a decent place or buy a fixer upper on the east side. unfortunately, the people i love think that everything past west street is "the ghetto". not true, but i just want to find a cute little house for around 50-55K. not that hard, just will have to live in a worse neighborhood than the one i grew up in.

get over it people.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

much ado about LOTS!

must to update about anyway! since i blogged last i have...

*interviewed at six more firms

*received offers from two of them (one in tulsa, one in wichita)

*graduated from college! yay!

*accepted an offer with gossen livingston in wichita

*started looking for living

*HAVE not started working out, but jules and i have taken the dogs for a few walks...

so right now i'm adoring life and getting ready to move to wichita in july!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

dresses, dresses, dresses

i just finished the color and couture dress for this year! it's beautiful in my opinion, dark grey and yellow halter dress with wood veneer belt and clutch purse. alex will be stunning in it, as long as i can finish sewing on the snaps to finish it off. SOOO, that is fun.


i have ONE last class session left (that starts in 25 minutes). i'm getting ready to graduate with not a single job offer. depressing...