Friday, May 27, 2011

five friday faves

another version of pinterest love...i told you last week how we're gearing up for a kitchen remodel 'round these parts.  well, we're also going to be tackling the one big bathroom downstairs as well.  you know, we're waiting to do all this until we actually finish our rental house....and you know, have renters that actually live in the house.

BUT, since we've picked up the tile i've been working on some ideas in my head.

my husband adores ideas in my head.  especially when they involve him working on our house.

really, he does.

moving on....

Source: via Catie on Pinterest

the tile we have is 8"x20" and i would like to run it vertically in the bathroom.

Source: via Catie on Pinterest

i love the grey and yellow combo.  yes, still.  we have grey floor tiles with a warm grey for the walls.  i would love a mustard yellow like this for the top!

these are gorgeous.  not sure a wood countertop is a good idea in a house that will eventually be a rental, but i love this two-toned look.

and the vessel sink?  swoon.

built-ins!  we have zero storage in our house.  like, zero.  no closets at all.  this would be awesome for the bathroom.

this one just made it in because (1) it's true and (2) it made me chuckle.  i'll have to do something similar...

happy (long) weekend, everyone!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

throwback thursday: week 14

my mom, bustin' a move as a cheerleader.  8th grade if memory serves me correctly.  i think that's what grandma wrote on the back, anyway.


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

wiww 8 - skirt edition

i'm noticing a trend here...i'm only posting on days that i have alliteration titles.  weird.

i guess i like alliteration!

also, posts may become less frequent and i just signed up to take my licensure exam in the fall.  or, possibly, more frequently, as i tend to look towards anything else to avoid studying.

really, you should have seen how clean my apartment was in college.

moving on...

i'm linking up over at the pleated poppy for yet another WIWW!  and now, lindsay has a BUTTON!  i love buttons!

join in on the fun, you know you want to!

i'm calling this one "skirt edition" because i only caught two pictures and they happened to have skirts in them.  go figure.  don't worry, i threw in another photo...just for you guys!

ruffled tank - target
 cream cardi - super old, from the gap
skirt and shoes - both thrifted!  and new!
necklace - found at my grandma's house, she had awesome taste in jewelry.
 hello, gut!
shirt - kohls
necklace - ebay
skirt and heels - thrifted and new!  went shopping this week!  :)
wednesday night
and because i'm low on pictures and you know i like to keep it real, here's what i look like two seconds after i step into the house.  dead sexy...i know.
yoga pants - target
t-shirt - king's river marina, courtesy of my mom.  (hi, mom!)
flip flops - reef and bought with my deep discount from being on the KSU waterski team.  be jealous.

moral of the story, i like to be comfortable.

linking up to:

pleated poppy

Friday, May 20, 2011

five friday faves

because we picked up our tile for our kitchen and bathroom remodels today, my five friday faves are all from my "kitchen remodel" pinterest board.

join me on pinterest!  i swear, you won't regret it!

holy awesome organization, batman!

and yellow.


i love these locker shelves as storage.

glass front cabinets.

those jars are amazing.

these toekick drawers are the most fabulous ideas in the entire world.

awesome tutorial thnks to

this tile pattern is similar to what i have planned.  only black, white and aqua glass.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

throwback thursday: week 14

i'm going to guess i'm about 4 in this one...sooo...1987ish?  summer.  we're hiking.  i'm going to guess it's at ha ha tonka.  because my family loved that place.

i have vowed to take my husband there one day so he can see it in all it's glory.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

wiww 7

yet another version of WIWW that i actually deem worthy of linking up to over at lindsay's page - the pleated poppy.  make sure you check out some of the other ladies, there are some awesome dressers over there!

 tshirt, tank under and seersucker shorts - target
sandals - thrifted, originally from charlotte russe
necklace - famous footwear

shirts - target
trousers - maurices
scarf - santa fe, nm shop called the jackalope
i wore my black heels from target.

 ooh!  something a little new a different!
skinnies and necklace - target
tunic - thrifted, old navy brand
ruffled flats - maurices
tank - tj maxx

 this picture really does nothing at all for this outfit

 i was apparently running out the door, so i didn't have my shoes on yet again.
tshirt - target
skirt - thrifted
necklace - famous footwear

 turtleneck - gap
tank, trousers and heels - target
necklace - estate sale

well, at least i'm getting a little bit better, right!?!


Friday, May 13, 2011

when the inspiration strikes...

...was the answer to kyle's question earlier.

"why were you taking pictures of our fridge?"

hi babe.


so, um, yeah, i was taking pictures of our fridge because i was doing this:

i'm making crystal light, in case you couldn't tell
and stepped back and looked at this:

this is our massive fridge.  we like food.
and realized how gorgeous our family and friends are.  see photographic evidence below:

my uncle john (miss you) and uncle clyde talking at a family christmas.  a picture of my brother as a baby.  an invitation i designed for kyle's grandparents for the 2011 smith family reunion (excited!!) has a picture of his grandpa and his three brothers.  norman is the one directly below the powercat....mmmmkay?  then we have a picture of kyle and i from my SEVENTEENTH birthday.  we were not dating at the time (that didn't happen until i was 18, almost 19), but we love each other because these two people in the photo with us brought us together, my best friend from high school erin and kyle's friend, mike.  love you guys.  and a baby announcement of our friend's, katie and dustin, baby.  

and above those are: christmas card of kyle's second cousins, lillie-mae and sadie.  look at sadie's cute face on the bottom photo...adorable!  the picture of us is from the day we signed on our house, our realtor took it.  then above us is a senior photo of my cousin, DJ, who i can't believe is graduating in a week...holy crap i'm old.  kyle's two cousin's on the tire swing at his old house up by topeka.  a funny dilbert comic that makes fun of architects (uh...whoops....ignore that wasn't funny at all.....)  then kyle's grandpa all grown up.  and another picture of kyle's aunt, uncle and cousins.  there's my brother's mug again.  

and straight above the pitcher are these: kyle and his great-grandpa max the great and two shots of my awesome grandparents that are years apart from each other, but i (obviously) couldn't decide which one i wanted to hang on the fridge.

side note: that coffee mill grinder thing that sits atop the fridge is from my grandparent's house.  kyle found it and we love it.  not for grinding, just for looks.

and because i enjoy embarrassing my husband as much as possible, here's a photo from eight a few halloweens ago.

um, yeah, that's my husband.  dressed as a mexican.  wearing his NOT CHEAP AT ALL eye patch, my sombrero and a poncho i bought him in mexico and SITTING ON A MAN DRESSED AS EEYORE.  i believe this one was "dud.  hey, i'm a mexican and mexican's ride donkeys.  and you're dressed like a donkey. let's take a picture!"

side note: that is our friend, eric, wearing a tigger costume that was made for a 4 year old.

not.  kidding.

oh college, i miss you.


throwback thursday: week 13

what the CRAP, blogger?  another failed thursday post...

circa may 1950, around graduation

i love this picture of kyle's grandparents, ira and dorene.  i'm not sure what ira did to deserve that apparently beating that dorene is giving him, but i bet it was something pretty ornery.

ira and dorene celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last summer, right before dorene had a stroke.  i learned a lot about these two at the party.  they were married on the same day they graduated from high school, just a few short hours before they walked across the stage.  how great is it that they found someone so young and were able to spend so much time together?

five friday faves

this one didn't post either...

i'm still loving on pinterest right now, so i'm sharing some of my "there's no place like home" pins:

oh how i wish a i had a bannister!  love. love. love!

i've got some pegboard to use...time to paint!

i LOVE these!  and need some for my porch.

this mat is made from OLD TOWELS!  how friggin' awesome is that!?!?

anthropologie, you are like a drug to me.

happy weekend, everyone!

WIWW - week 6 - yet another fail

this was supposed to post on thursday (a week and a day late) so i wasn't going to link up.  then blogger blew up.  or something.  i dunno, i just know my blog is all jackered up.

side note: i took a fifth photo, but i have absolutely no idea where it went when i uploaded...maybe i'll find it next week.

it was some shorts.  my friend daniel was annoyed that women can wear shorts to work and not men.


(hi, daniel!)

i love this dress, it's so comfy.  this is important in any clothing i purchase.  must. be. comfortable.
it's also one of my favorite shades of deep teal and looks good with either brown or black.  and it's soft.  and it's a real wrap dress so that makes me feel like a grown up.  i don't know why.
moving on....
head to toe target.  wait, the necklace was an estate sale find.

hey, look!  another pair of those free target jeans!  YAY for coupons!
cardi, ruffled tank - t.j. maxx
grey jeans, heels - target
necklace - famous footwear

friday, went to k-state for a ID symposium
haha, it's like the exact same outfit only different colors.  whoops.
cardi (that thing is SUPER soft!) - t.j. maxx
tanks and jeans - target
necklace - famous footwear
heels - thrifted, gianni bini
flats i wore to drive laying next to me - maurices
awesome earrings you can't see because i'm so far away - lucinda's (local shop)  i wore them for my wedding.


yes, yes.  i did just go there.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

three for tuesday

i stole this from wonder woman, who, in case you didn't know, i went to high school with.  'cause we awesome like that.  go lions!  only, she did three for thursday, but i'm doing three for tuesday because i know everyone wants to continue to see old family photos of mine.


also, i wrote this on thursday and i'm scheduling it to be posted on a tuesday.

do you do that?  i schedule almost all of my posts, it's just easier that way.

Three things I do after the kids are in bed:
1. um...i don't have kids...can i count my animals?
2. i shower
3. and then i watch the evening news.

clearly, this is going to be a really boring survey.


Three people I kind of want to be, but not really:
1. liz lemon
2. sofia verago
3. michelle obama

Three objects I would never buy used:
1. underwear
2. hair bands
3. retainer

Three things I didn't do today:
1. eat well {dude, it's cinco de mayo...}
2. watch my mouth {read: tequila}  {just kidding, i don't need tequila to do that}  {but it helps}
3. count calories

Three books I would like to read:
1. the hunger games
2. twilight series {I KNOW, I KNOW, but finally watched the movies and now i just have to know.}
3. lies my teacher told me: everything your american history textbook got wrong {my brother read this a while ago}

i just want to point out that i just finished p dub's book, from black heels to tractor wheels, and it was amazing.

and probably foreshadowing of my own life.

Three things I appreciate about my marriage:
1. he's my best friend.
2. he's the smartest man i've ever met in my entire life.
3. he's my complete opposite, but somehow, it works.

Three things within a two foot reach of me:
1. my fuzzy pink slippers
2. a menards ad
3. my knitting needles

Three plans for the near future:
1. laundry
2. cleaning house
3. hopefully, a vacation.  a year anniversary/honeymoon trip.  

good god, i hope so.

Three final thoughts:
1. my gut aches.  i just ate like five pounds of mexican food and drank a margarita.  ugh.
2. i wore shorts for the first time today and i was super pale.  i'm also going to wear a dress tomorrow and i was going to go spray tanning tonight and then i decided to go eat five pounds of mexican food.  and i didn't.  so i'm stil going to be super pale tomorrow in my dress.  oh, kansas, you don't treat my skin the way it should be.
3. do you watch outsourced?  i love it!  and todd demsey is from kansas.  hells yes!  go kansas!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

throwback thursday: week 12

the girl in the center is kyle's grandma maxine.  the two little ones are her sister, linda and her brother, charlie.  you probably won't believe me, but maxine is still about that same height!  4'10"!

i have no idea when the picture was taken, except the cars make me think 1940s or so.

like i know anything about cars.


Wednesday, May 4, 2011


i'm sure you were all waiting with bated anticipation to see what i wore this week.

yup, not gonna happen.

i have ONE picture that i took this week, and i hate the outfit.  will never be worn again.  lesson learned.

it's been a fail kind of week in my world, but tomorrow is thursday and the next day is friday and on friday, we're GOING TO KANSAS CITY...KANSAS CITY HERE I COME!!

ahem.  excuse me while i break into song.

MADA is this friday and my firm has entered three projects.

THREE!  'cause we're awesome.

any barney stinson fans out there?

notice i said my firm...i didn't design any of the projects we entered.  but you know, i'm there for moral support...and the beer.  maybe a little wine.  and food.

go us!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

retro kitchen

i like kitchens.  i like retro.  i really like this retro kitchen.

sigh.  those cabinets!  and i'm dying over the tulip chairs with those perfect little red upholstered seats.  dying, i tell you.


do you think i can talk my husband into this kitchen?


i mean, it's not like i know what i'm talking about or anything...i'm just a designer.

side note: i'm going to make a sign for my desk that says, "don't blame me, i'm just the designer."

yup.  gonna do it.

other side note: this kitchen would look horrible in my house.  wrong style and way wrong decade.  and as a real interior designer, i realize that.  so, yeah, unless we move into a mid-century modern in the next few years, it ain't gonna happen.  but, I CAN ALWAYS DREAM!  and that's important to me.