Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ummm...'scuse me?

that's what i said when i found out that all the candles at my venue have to be encased in a candle holder that covers the flame by TWO INCHES.  now, let me tell you, in the wedding votive world, that's a lot.  like it might as well be friggin' twelve inches.  sheesh.
hopefully you remember what i told you i'm doing for my flowers, and since i did finally find a votive candle holder that did cover the flame by two inches, i wanted to show you what they are!

are you ready for this?

blue. mason. jars.

okay, so not as exciting at some people think, but i adore them.  and they remind me of my grandmother (who, coincidentally, i got most of my jars from...)

feast your eyes on some candle jar porn:

seriously, i'm in love with these and i can't wait to see it all put together on the big day.


in other big news, our house is OFFICIALLY clean!  like really and actually clean!  kyle's grandparents came into town this week to see his great aunt (who lives nearby) and they wanted to see the house, so we spent a few days picking up and organizing all our crap.  it's SO NICE to be organized.  huge relief.  and now i can focus on wedding invites this weekend!  i also have my first dress fitting, so my mom is coming back to wichita to spend the weekend, so it will be a wedding filled weekend!  yay!

Friday, July 16, 2010

my "other" wedding

the other day, i found my "other" wedding.  you know, the wedding that i would have planned if i were to get married again.  (hey, i just thought of this....there's still time for vow renewals!)

ironically, it's still in my color scheme, which is the main reason i clicked on get some inspiration/ideas for my programs.

i am LOOOVING this wedding...80s high school sweethearts?!?  hello, if that doesn't scream "catie" than i don't know what does.  i mean, other than "retroish family-affair kid-friendly i-do-what-i-want awesomeness" which is what my real wedding is.  :)

oh my, i might just have to start blogging about wedding inspiration, because it just makes me smile every day!  :)

i love a good chair.  i can't help it, i'm an interior designer for christ's sake.  and the bunting made out of an old school jump rope?  friggin' adorable!

oh, handwritten font...i SO wanted you for my invites...but you just didn't fit anywhere! cute would it have been if they put an arrow through that heart?  just sayin...

a report card style menu and schedule of events?  adorable!

i love hand drawn elements.  i almost hand drew a few antique frames for my invites and scanned them in, but in the end, i really like what i did (post to come...eventually).  if a cassette doesn't represent the 80s, than i don't know what does!

i love their outfits...that blusher veil is awesome.  don't show kyle though, he'll want to wear a hat to our wedding...i wanted a short dress at first, but changed my mind later.  i got the best of both worlds though, i'm wearing a short dress out to the bars after the reception (yes, you read that right, we are going to the bars after the reception).

okay...ONE MORE!  i love this idea of the "pass a note" guest book, too cute!  we are doing a "recipe for love" guest book...that i have yet to complete!  i did, however, locate and spray paint a recipe card tin (thanks, mom!)