Friday, February 20, 2009

why women win fights


okay, i LOVE dane cook. without a doubt, adore him.

1. he's hot.
2. he tells it like it is.
3. he's hilarious.
4. he's hot.

so i was on youtube just dinking around and came across this video. EVERYTIME i see this clip, i just have to laugh.

this is how i win shiz.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

confessions of a non-romantic

okay ladies, i have something to confess. you might not like it, but i guess you'll just have to deal with it. i'm sorry, i'm just going to be honest up front. goes...

i have never seen the notebook.


why you ask?

simple. it came out during a really busy studio year for me and i just never got around to reading the book or watching the movie.

and then the hype was over.

BUT, i have to tell you, i adore this song. in fact, i think i want it sang at my wedding [erin, are you reading this? be prepared for some chantal, k? get that singing voice warmed up.]

i actually went to a wedding this summer that had this song, but it was the male country version, so it's not as good in my opinion.

with that, i give you miss chantal kreviazuk...

Monday, February 16, 2009


i started this post tonight as a real debbie downer. i was complaining about all the had gone wrong with my day and i was starting to sound like a grade-a spoiled brat.

SO, i decided to turn my frown upside down....with an even better post!

without further ado...drum roll please...

the 10 things i'm negative BUT...positive about right now...

1. my dog threw up all over my carpet this weekend. three times. you know why? he got into the trash and found my can of grease...ewww. BUT...this did force me to clean my ca
rpets (twice, because, EWW, gross) and clean up around the house.

2. kyle went to portland for two weeks for work. so we'll miss one of our weekends together. BUT...when he comes home next friday we are going to be in manhattan to volunteer for the BGC casino night! i'm so excited to see all my old buds
from work i can hardly stand it!

3. it gets harder and harder every weekend to say good bye to kyle. BUT...he is dissatisfied with his boss/place of work right now (no, that's not the positive thing...sheesh, what kind of a person do you think i am!), so he applied to a few places this weekend and already has a phone interview! keep your fingers crossed, we may be living in the 'ta sooner than we expected! (which was!)

4. i don't care or know how it happened, but someone
deleted some of my drawings. i don't think it was on purpose, but i was mad about it. BUT...the guy i can't stand is gone for two days on a trip and i don't have to listen to his crap for two blissful days!!

5. i'm totally swamped at work. BUT...i'
m extremely lucky to have a job right now. like REALLY lucky. i have a couple of friends who have been laid off due to the economy. YAY for living in the wichita bubble where everything is always honkey dory!

6. i got my bonus today at work. it was about half of what i thought it would be. BUT...see above. i should just be happy i got one at all!

7. i spoke to my mom on the phone, i'm not getting as much in taxes as i thought i was. BUT...i reminded her we c
ould claim my moving expenses and all the money it took for me to find a job when i graduated (i don't even want to tell you the amount it was that much i had to spend) and the rebate increased! i guess interviewing in tulsa, st. louis, KC and many other places did pay off in the end!

8. my dog keeps barking at something outside and it's giving me a raging headache. BUT...i should be glad he loves me enough to bark at everything that comes within 3 feet of me. AWWW...

9. when i was doing my yoga dvd earlier, both my cat and my dog were all in my face, the WHOLE TIME. totally messing up my chi. for reals, animals, can't a girl get some peace and quiet to "work out"? :) BUT...i
should be glad that i have such great animals that want to be near me all the time. they can't help it they are so adorable i have to stop the dvd to play with them for a few minutes.

and finally...the real kicker...

10. i was in a horrible mood to start off with this morning. my mom and aunt moved my grandparents into assisted living this weekend. i can't believe that my grandparents are going into that stage of their lives. it just feels like there is no going back for them. my grandmother keeps getting out of the little house they have in manhattan (she has alzheimer's) and my grandpa can't find her. luckily they have great neighbors who help her out, but it was too much for everyone to handle. so they are settled into an apartment with assisted living where she will be monitored with an ankle bracelet (stylish). BUT...i'm glad that my grandparents h
ave lived such a wonderful life. they have four kids, 11 grand kids and i think we are up to double digits in the great-grandchildren. they have lived to the ripe old ages of 94 and 91 and i wouldn't put it past them to live much longer than that. i also love that my grandfather and i exchange emails often and that he can always put a smile on my face. i love that kyle and he can sit in the corner of a room for hours and talk about farming, gardening or just sit in silence and enjoy each other's company. i know i'm a better person for knowing this two wonderful people and that no matter what they have made a lasting impression on me. i love them both! (even crazy grandma when she pees in my mom's shoes...another day perhaps...)

and just to tickle your funny bone. here's a picture i sent my grandpa to cheer him up today. this is my cat, moe, sitting (YES, SITTING) up against my dog, nelson. too cute for words. awww...da brudder's lub each odder! (catie's cutsie talk translation...awww...the brother's love each other!)

moe says, "what the deuce are you looking at? ain't you never seen a cat sit up afore?" :)

Friday, February 13, 2009


oh my gosh. what a week! i don't even know where to's been that crazy.

monday was the only day i was able to carpool to work. tuesday i had a meeting over lunch and it was SO fun! we had a bunch of reps come in and talk to us about their stuff and i won a tulip plant! it's very pretty by my desk. wednesday i had an evening meeting at mort's. that's a cigar bar in old town. yuck. smoke everywhere. sick. i hate smokers. we were productive, however and it only lasted until 7:30, which is better than i thought it would. last night i had ANOTHER evening meeting out in goddard. we were talking about the finishes for the new high school, so that was a pretty quick meeting. they went with a blue, teal and yellow color scheme that is pretty frickin' sweet for a high school if you ask me. so sophisticated! i'm excited! and then today was just chock full of meetings and i have to try to get finish boards dnoe for goddard and we were printing out all our construction documents for a government project i was helping my boss with and then we had to stop EVERYTHING to meet with this client on a retail project. which is totally awesome, because we never get to do retail, they are usually super fun to design. i did some graphics for the guy and i think he was pretty impressed. YAY! [for those ksu football fans out there...i'm working with joe and jamie rheem's dad on this project!]

Thursday, February 5, 2009

i heart giveaways!!!

and this adorable doing one!

it's for he's just not that into you...which i am SO into! and poor K hasn't taken me to the movies for my birthday, so he's SOOOO going to this one.

payback's a B, ain't it, honey?