Monday, February 28, 2011

i {heart} my nerd.

this is edited some, to protect the not-so-innocent.

but, you get the point.

me: i just got an email from our PM on the project i'm working on about how to write emails regarding the project.
Kyle: you think they told you to write the email a certain way?
me: no, they DO tell you how to write it. i just got a form on how to write it.
Kyle: oh
Kyle: that's awesome.
i wish we had that.
me: god, you are such an engineer

nerd.  :)

Sunday, February 27, 2011

honeymoon road trip: day 8-11

i am sad to report that day 7 was our last day "alone" on our honeymoon.

but that's cool, because we love our friends!  and any day spent with friends is a great day in our book., yeah, we went on a road trip honeymoon down to Scotsdale, Arizona for a wedding.  an AWESOME wedding!  we had a ton of fun the entire weekend!

schedule breakdown went a bit like this:

day 8: rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and then drinking well into the night with the bride's father.  who was awesome.  we loved dan.

 this is actually where the reception was, but there was another wedding there that night.
 awww...friends forever.

day 9: Kyle and the boys left for the wedding around noon and the wives/girlfriends/fiances fended for themselves for the afternoon.  moi?  i chose to get my nails redone.  i had the same Shellac manicure on from the day of my wedding and it was looking a little haggard.  called around and found a salon right down the street from our hotel and was properly manicured by an awesome guy whose name escapes me, but he was awesome.  i'll try to remember it in case any of you are in Scottsdale sometime and need a manicure.  i mean, who doesn't?!?  we took a car to the wedding (FANCY!!) and proceeded to witness a beautiful ceremony in a gorgeous venue.  and then we got stupid drunk.

some evidence:

 oh crap, am i supposed to be praying?  i just noticed this was during prayer.  sorry, guys!
 don't ask what that hand gesture means...
 how many boys can fit in the phone booth?!
 we're trapped!

 uh.'s not the groom at all.  silly.
 going to that bar was a poor decision.

there were a lot more embarrassing pictures i could have put up there, but i choose to leave them out.  i'd like my marriage to last longer than 6 months, thankyouverymuch.

did you hear that Kyle!?!  i chose YOU over the BLOG!  remember that later.  mmmk?

day 10: hungover but alive, we all went out for breakfast.  yummo.  then the Shaffer's packed up for the long haul home....a LOOOOOONG haul.  on day 10, we drove from Scottsdale, AZ to Tucumcari, NM.

that's a long drive.  10 hours to be exact.  but, we made it.  we stayed in a LOVELY trucker hotel right off the highway.  but it was 1 in the morning and i didn't care where i slept as long as i slept.

day 11: Tucumcari, NM to Wichita, KS.  another long haul.  alas, we made it!

and thus ends the Great American Road Trip Honeymoon.

whew, it's been a long ride ladies and gents.  hope you enjoyed a few of the thousands of pictures i took and my random ramblings.



Saturday, February 26, 2011

honeymoon roadtrip: day 7

after a exhausting day at the grand canyon, we rested quite a bit on day 7.  i think we slept until like ten or something.

i know, sorry, we are boring like that sometimes.

we actually got to sleep in a little.  (HALLELUJAH!)  side note: i just spelled hallelujah right on the first try. i'm awesome.

the night of day 6, we looked around on the interwebs for stuff to do in little ol' flagstaff.  and i stumbled upon the Riordan Mansion.  the Riordan Mansion is a Arts and Crafts style duplex (don't let that scare you, this house is over 13,000 square feet, each brother had over 6,000 square feet at their disposal) home, built by two brothers who essentially started the logging business in Flagstaff.

and being the architectural nerd that i am, i told kyle that is where we would be going the next day.

naturally, he was thrilled.  :)

here are some shots of the interior of the home.  sorry in advance, you have to know that interior designers see the world much differently...and therefore the majority of my favorite pictures are just small details in the woodworking and such....

 this was a vertical flat file (for storing large architectural drawings) and pulled out from the wall.  the wood carvings were amazing and the thing was MASSIVE.  about 6' wide.  i NEEEED one of these!

proof we were actually there.

 the light fixtures were exquisite.  this was one of my favorites.

more drool-worthy built ins.  they were all over the house.

fantastical wood beam ceilings.

and THAT is the story of how i convinced kyle we will one day build an Arts and Craft style home.  in the country.  on many acres.  with a barn.


oh, and after the house tour, we went thrifting and antiquing around town.  we didn't buy much.  the prices were A LOT higher than the Santa Fe shops.  but, it was still a blast.

after a little shopping, we drove to Prescott Valley by way of Sedona.

let's pause and reflect on how gorgeous Sedona is....

proof we were actually in sedona.  i wore a lovely knit scarf i bought from a little Nepalese man in Santa Fe.  i wear it a lot.  just ask my coworkers.  :)

okay, i'm done.  because Sedona is redic expensive.  we walked around the main drag just long enough to walk up one side and down the other.  we squeezed another penny (did i mention that?  we started a squashed penny book.  maybe if you're lucky i'll show it to you sometime....maybe) and after quickly getting shot down on the Pink Jeep Tours, we made our merry little way to a much cheaper and only slightly less pretty town called Prescott Valley.

along the way, we ran into a town called Jasper.  Jasper is literally on the side of a mountain.  not.  kidding.

my mom would hate it there.  she has an intense hatred of heights.  you should have seen her when we went to Pike Peak....LOVE YOU, MOM!

but i loved it.  it was a quirky little village and seemed to be a bit of an artist's community.  don't quote me on that.  we didn't actually stop.

we were worried the car wouldn't make it up the mountain if we stopped.

i kid, i kid.

what was i talking about?  oh, yeah, Jasper.  here's some pictures:

and then we saw a gorgeous sunset:

and then we ate more Mexican food.  are you surprised?

probably not.

also of note: our hotel in Prescott Valley was by far the best hotel we stayed in.  it had a wonderfully comfortable bed and i feel asleep instantly.  sigh....i miss that bed.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

throwback thursday: week 2

oi vey.  circa fall 1990.  first grade.

i promise there is a reason my hair looks like that.

you see...i was a bit of a tom boy.  okay, a lot of a tom boy.  and i loved recess.  and my mom let me perm my hair.  then we brushed it and made it look all pretty for pictures.

and then i went to recess, got all sweaty and it ended up looking like this for pictures.

but, hey, at least i have cute freckles.

at least this is one of the most embarrassing pictures i have of myself.  i hope.  :)

say it ain't so!

dear baby jesus,

did we learn nothing from the 90's?

i was window shopping on the interwebs over at the Gap (what?  don't look at me like that.  it's an extra 25% off today!  and 8% back through ebates!  and I WAS JUST LOOKING!) and i saw these staring back at me:

awww....HELLS NAW!  you did NOT bring back the pleated light wash jeans, Gap.

is this just me!?!  i mean, i know i was slow to the skinny jean fad, but i fully embrace it now.  hello, way easier to shove into boots than boot cut.  hence, the name boot cut...cut to fit over your boots.  

i have to say i am fairly certain that i. will. never. wear. these.

i'm just throwing this out there for you all to keep me accountable when they are $5 on the clearance rack and i have no willpower to avoid purchasing them.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

throwback thursday: week 1

i made a decision today: i have tons of family photos scanned in to this computer (we had them printed for the wedding) so WHY NOT ACTUALLY USE THEM!

duh.'s time for a little throwback thursday.

we'll start off with one of me, because, well, this is my blog and i do what i want.

circa 1987 - our wichita home

proof that i was actually once adorable, but that i've always had these american thighs.  (sounds a lot better than thunder thighs...right?)
my aunt sylvia brought me a large box full of pictures from my grandparents house to dig through for family photos.  i found a couple of more recent albums.  (yes, i realize this photo is over two decades old, but we have family photos dating back to when camera were invented.  yeah, we're that cool.)

this was in one of the more recent albums and was labeled with my grandmother twaddell's beautiful handwriting on the back of it, "catherine joy and purple irises."

apparently the flowers were as thrilling as i was.

true story, my first name is actually catherine and my grandmother wrote that on all of my pictures.  seeing as how i'm named after her (the catherine, she was kathryn avis, the joy is from my paternal grandmother - janice joy), i suppose she had that right.  

ps - i don't let people call me catherine.  it makes me feel like i'm in trouble.

pps - i also hate the name cate.  so don't call me that.  you know who you are...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

first of all...

...i want to apologize for the radio silence over here.  i swear i'm really alive.

but, in the words of my home dog, martin lawrence:

"shit just got real."

you see, life sometimes has a way of walking up to you, slapping the shit out of you and waking you the eff up.

i mean, i'm just being honest here.

and while i'm being honest and open here, you should know that this has been an incredibly hard year for me.  i know i'm not really into sharing my feelings here on the ol' bloggy blog, because, well, i'm not really into sharing my feelings in real life.  i'm kind of like a dude in that way.  i like to internalize things and just pretend they will go away eventually.  which, obviously, when you are an adult, that's so far from the truth, it's laughable.

so, i'm going to get down and dirty and share a little with you all because...well...i don't know, because

in june, kyle lost his great-grandfather, who was about 6 months older than my grandfather.  this was a sad time for kyle and his family and i didn't really know how to react, as i had never lost a grandparent before.  all of my great-grandparents were gone before i was born (except one that passed when i was still a baby) and my dad's father passed away before he even met my mom.  while sitting in the middle of the service, i came to the realization that my grandparents weren't going to be around forever.  and that hit me.  hard.  why it took me until the age of 26 to realize that, i'm not sure.  perhaps because i've been blessed to have never lost a grandparent i knew before.

and then, at the beginning of september, just 25 days before our wedding, i lost my maternal grandmother.  she had been sick for quite sometime with some form of dementia or alzheimer's.  i can't even tell you the last time that she recognized me, but it was always a comfort to me that someone was there to keep my grandfather company.  they lived in a home for sometime and have outlived the majority of their friends.

and, because i love are a few of my favorite family photos with grandma in them.

 my grandparents on their wedding day.
 grandma and myself circa 1984.

silly me, my grandfather, the incorrigible flirt, has plenty of friends in the assisted living facility where he lives.  he is more than able to take care of himself and i expect will be around for quite sometime.  i'm sure he misses grandma, but he has a lot to live for.  my grandfather is the best, he is truly my hero, he has always been my hero.  he's 96, still very independent and spunky, loves getting on the computer to email people and has even asked one of my cousins to set him up a facebook account (eek!  he's not on there...yet...)

some more gratuitous family photos...

 so handsome!
hahaha, i just realized how unhappy i look in this photo!  me and gramps circa 1984.

and then, the real kick in the pants was a couple of weeks ago, was when my dad called me and told me his mom was sick and they had taken her to the hospital and placed her on a respirator.  it was a saturday.  he and my mom were going up to see her the following day, which happened to be when we were forecasted to get a huge snowstorm here in kansas.  i told him i wanted to come and see her, but would wait until i heard from them and would come up if they thought she wasn't going to make it.

to make a very long story short, the doctors thought she was doing much better that night, i spoke with my parents that day and they agreed it wasn't a smart move for me to drive to kc with the weather forecast and i stayed put.  they and my brother and one of my cousin's went to see her and she seemed to be doing much better.  i dropped kyle off at the airport for an international flight (only a week long trip) and felt much better about not being able to make the trip.

she passed away the following tuesday.  i have to be honest, that really tore me up inside.  i didn't help that i was left alone here at home (remember, kyle was overseas) and left to my own crazy thoughts.  i beat myself up for days and days about not going up to see her.  would she have recognized me if i had gone?  probably not.  but, i would have felt a million times better than i do now.  the funeral was last wednesday, ironically, the morning after yet another famous kansas snowstorm that dumped 12 inches of snow in wichita.  but, kyle and i trudged through the snow and made it to the funeral.  because there was no way i wasn't going to be there.  not this time.

and a picture of my gorgeous grandmother carpenter on my parents wedding day (omg, my dad is so going to kill me when he sees i put this picture of him on the internet.)  :)

sorry to be such a downer on such a lovely day, but i felt everyone deserved to hear why i have been silent for so long.

i do hope everyone had a great valentine's day!  we kept it low key and enjoyed this:

okay, we didn't watch just frank...but we did watch the jayhawks get their butts handed to them by the one and only wildcats!