Sunday, December 12, 2010

all i want for christmas.

to make one of these.  except i don't really like gingerbread and i have a feeling i'd feel like i was in studio all over again....still, so pretty!

to sleep more.  we've gotten into a horrible habit of staying up really late.  this needs to stop.  let's hope our week off for the holiday break can remedy this situation.

a red heeler puppy.  well, i don't really want a puppy, we've got enough pets as it is.  but they are just SO DAMN CUTE!

to watch this commercial on repeat.  i think it's hilarious.  " frowned upon IN THIS ESTABLISHMENT!"

this kitchen.

this house.  for real, it's for sale and i love it.  unfortunately, it would mean an hour drive for kyle every day to work, it's south of wichita.  on a former berry farm.  complete with all the original outbuildings and a bunk house.  A BUNK HOUSE, PEOPLE!  *pout*

a greece vacation.  i don't know why greece, why not?  it's gorgeous.

a baby penguin.  i mean, while i'm at it, i might as well shoot for the stars here, right?

hope you all had a great weekend!