Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

i had a CRAZY busy week at work this week, but i'm glad i was able to squeeze a workout in almost every day. helps to alleviate the stress of work. :)


hot yoga at firefly! it snowed saturday night and i woke up to over 4 inches of fresh powder. what? it was only supposed to be a trace...ugh. i texted my yoga buddy, megan, and make sure she was still planning on going before i made the trek into town.

SO GLAD we went! we had a new teacher and she was FABULOUS! i'm going to really love sunday morning yoga from now on.

75 minutes of fabulous sweat.


[running group was cancelled yet again, due to cold.]

ran 2 miles at the downtown Y. i was scheduled for 4, but hit snooze a few too many times.

swam 750 yards. there were a lot of lanes open when i hit the pool, but about halfway through my swim a girl asked to swim with me and then proceeded to lap me. i really need to work on swimming.


literally just too busy to fit a run in.


running group was back on!

4.85 miles at 9 minute splits

followed it up with 45 minutes of hot yoga. love CJ's classes, we did chair about 25 times and he joked the entire time. make the pain a little more bearable.


apparently i turned my alarm off in my sleep (??) and then woke up on my own at 5:22. weird. needless to say, i threw my interval track run out the window and did half an hour on the bike instead. averaged 15 mph, 7.5 miles total.


swam 1000 m at the Y.

wanted to save my legs for the race on saturday.


easter sun run 10k! see my post for that!

official time was 56:01.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Sun Run 10k

Today was a race day I've been really been looking forward to! It was my first run with my new running group and since it was on the west side of Wichita, I knew a lot of people I went to high school with would be there, too.

We started the weekend off right on Friday night by hanging out with at some friend's house, drinking wine, watching the KU game and playing princess and dragons with the kiddos. Staying up WAYYY too late when I knew a I had a race the next day, but I was using it more as a training run anyway.

Not everyone was able to show up, but I did get to steal this photo from one of the girl's in the group! Only two of us are from the west side group, but I met up with one other girl before the race started. I was SO GLAD we found each other, too. We started together, but I lost her in the first mile, found her again somewhere in the second mile and paced with her through the end. Our times were identical. YAY for running group friends!

See these other girls? THEY are why I do yoga. I can't wait to look long and lean like that!

My official time was 56:01, but my Nike + actually said I completed the 10k about two minutes and over a quarter of a mile before I crossed the finish line. New PR!

Then I went home and immediately got on RunWichita (to look for more races, please tell me that I'm not the only one that does that...finishes a race and then immediately signs up for another one?) and I saw that the race that I'm helping to organize got listed on their calendar! BIG TIME, FOLKS! I'm so excited!!

After the race I had a bit of a sour stomach or food poisoning or something, so Kyle gracefully let me take an hour and a half nap before we headed outside to paint all this lumber for our chicken tractor! It's all coming together!


Of course, I'm KSU Wildcat through and through, but the hometown team as a Cinderella story? That's pretty fabulous! WOOOOSHOCK!

Monday, March 11, 2013

weekly wrap up

if you've been around these parts of the internets before, you know that i am a huge nerd. one of those nerdy things that i love is statistics.

sooo.....i bring you (fun) nerdy statistics via my weekly wrap up:


hot yoga at firefly! i'm so glad they added an 8:30 class on the west side...nice and roomy!

75 minutes of fabulous, sweaty soul cleansing. :)

i counted this as my planks for build lean eat clean's pot 'o gold march challenge.


[running group was cancelled yet again, due to cold.]

ran 2.77 miles at the Y

swam 500 yards - first day back to swimming...WOW am i out of swimming shape!

planked at home 30 seconds x 3


ran an easy 3 miles at the park before heading to yoga.

holy crap, was it cold. i thought my fingers were going to fall off in that frigid wind.

headed to hot yoga (75 minute class) after the run. my yoga partner was out of commission for the second class in a row with a nasty cold, but the class felt so amazing after being in the cold ass park. also, a bunch of macho guys showed up thinking they were going to be so awesome at yoga and made for a good laugh when a couple of them left before class was even over. is that mean? don't care. lesson learned, yoga is hard, blockheads.

again, counted this as my planking for the day


treadmill intervals for 3.1 miles

ran 1 mi @ 11 min/mile
ran .5 mi @ 9.5 min/mile
ran .5 mi @ 8 min/mile
ran .5 mi @ 8.5 min/mile
walked a .5 mi cool down

stationary cycled for the first time EVER. note to self: wear pants, not shorts. ouch.

6 miles @ 12 mph

planked at home 30 seconds x 3


interval work - 2.8 miles total. 4 x 500 meters with a ten minute warm up and a five minute cool down.

timed plank: 1:30 minutes


swam 750 m at the Y.

apparently a lot of guys go to the Y right around 3:30 to swim on fridays and just stand there until you get out of the water. geez, sorry, i'll stick to my morning swims...

planked at home 40 seconds x 3


i was scheduled a 7 mile long run for my half training, but a really random spring storm hit and i may not be super smart, but i do know that running in a thunderstorm is not a very good idea. i took the day off. (if you call working on a rental house all day "off." i don't.)

planked at home 40 seconds x 3

and because no post should go out without a's a photo of some delicious wine we got at a wine party recently. i picked it up this week...YUM!

Friday, March 8, 2013


wow. just wow. my last post was almost a YEAR ago! A YEAR!?! a lot can happen in a year.

and a lot DID happen in a year!

april 2012-march 2013 as illustrated by my instagram photos:

this butt munch ran away for 5 days and was found 6 miles from our house.

we got some chickens.

 we went to nassau to watch these two beautiful people get hitched.

i trained and ran a half marathon.

i finished said half marathon and enjoyed many beers afterwards.

i went to seattle (twice) for work and went to the chihuly museum.

and the experience music project museum. (i heart nirvana.)

we put down new floors downstairs.

my coworker got me some pretty purple tulips for my birthday.

i bought these gems for kyle for valentine's day.

i got some new running gear.

but it was so cold and snowy i had to use my elliptical for over a week.

we dug out of the snow (16" the first round).

and then we got dumped on again (an additional 8") and dug out. again.

and then i got so tired of the snow, i joined the Y. that pretty much catches us up!

i'll warn you, this blog is probably going to be mostly about running now. sprinkled with a few crafts and recipes.