Friday, March 8, 2013


wow. just wow. my last post was almost a YEAR ago! A YEAR!?! a lot can happen in a year.

and a lot DID happen in a year!

april 2012-march 2013 as illustrated by my instagram photos:

this butt munch ran away for 5 days and was found 6 miles from our house.

we got some chickens.

 we went to nassau to watch these two beautiful people get hitched.

i trained and ran a half marathon.

i finished said half marathon and enjoyed many beers afterwards.

i went to seattle (twice) for work and went to the chihuly museum.

and the experience music project museum. (i heart nirvana.)

we put down new floors downstairs.

my coworker got me some pretty purple tulips for my birthday.

i bought these gems for kyle for valentine's day.

i got some new running gear.

but it was so cold and snowy i had to use my elliptical for over a week.

we dug out of the snow (16" the first round).

and then we got dumped on again (an additional 8") and dug out. again.

and then i got so tired of the snow, i joined the Y. that pretty much catches us up!

i'll warn you, this blog is probably going to be mostly about running now. sprinkled with a few crafts and recipes.


thanks so much for taking the time to comment. trust me, you just made my day!