Monday, March 11, 2013

weekly wrap up

if you've been around these parts of the internets before, you know that i am a huge nerd. one of those nerdy things that i love is statistics.

sooo.....i bring you (fun) nerdy statistics via my weekly wrap up:


hot yoga at firefly! i'm so glad they added an 8:30 class on the west side...nice and roomy!

75 minutes of fabulous, sweaty soul cleansing. :)

i counted this as my planks for build lean eat clean's pot 'o gold march challenge.


[running group was cancelled yet again, due to cold.]

ran 2.77 miles at the Y

swam 500 yards - first day back to swimming...WOW am i out of swimming shape!

planked at home 30 seconds x 3


ran an easy 3 miles at the park before heading to yoga.

holy crap, was it cold. i thought my fingers were going to fall off in that frigid wind.

headed to hot yoga (75 minute class) after the run. my yoga partner was out of commission for the second class in a row with a nasty cold, but the class felt so amazing after being in the cold ass park. also, a bunch of macho guys showed up thinking they were going to be so awesome at yoga and made for a good laugh when a couple of them left before class was even over. is that mean? don't care. lesson learned, yoga is hard, blockheads.

again, counted this as my planking for the day


treadmill intervals for 3.1 miles

ran 1 mi @ 11 min/mile
ran .5 mi @ 9.5 min/mile
ran .5 mi @ 8 min/mile
ran .5 mi @ 8.5 min/mile
walked a .5 mi cool down

stationary cycled for the first time EVER. note to self: wear pants, not shorts. ouch.

6 miles @ 12 mph

planked at home 30 seconds x 3


interval work - 2.8 miles total. 4 x 500 meters with a ten minute warm up and a five minute cool down.

timed plank: 1:30 minutes


swam 750 m at the Y.

apparently a lot of guys go to the Y right around 3:30 to swim on fridays and just stand there until you get out of the water. geez, sorry, i'll stick to my morning swims...

planked at home 40 seconds x 3


i was scheduled a 7 mile long run for my half training, but a really random spring storm hit and i may not be super smart, but i do know that running in a thunderstorm is not a very good idea. i took the day off. (if you call working on a rental house all day "off." i don't.)

planked at home 40 seconds x 3

and because no post should go out without a's a photo of some delicious wine we got at a wine party recently. i picked it up this week...YUM!

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