Sunday, March 31, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up

i had a CRAZY busy week at work this week, but i'm glad i was able to squeeze a workout in almost every day. helps to alleviate the stress of work. :)


hot yoga at firefly! it snowed saturday night and i woke up to over 4 inches of fresh powder. what? it was only supposed to be a trace...ugh. i texted my yoga buddy, megan, and make sure she was still planning on going before i made the trek into town.

SO GLAD we went! we had a new teacher and she was FABULOUS! i'm going to really love sunday morning yoga from now on.

75 minutes of fabulous sweat.


[running group was cancelled yet again, due to cold.]

ran 2 miles at the downtown Y. i was scheduled for 4, but hit snooze a few too many times.

swam 750 yards. there were a lot of lanes open when i hit the pool, but about halfway through my swim a girl asked to swim with me and then proceeded to lap me. i really need to work on swimming.


literally just too busy to fit a run in.


running group was back on!

4.85 miles at 9 minute splits

followed it up with 45 minutes of hot yoga. love CJ's classes, we did chair about 25 times and he joked the entire time. make the pain a little more bearable.


apparently i turned my alarm off in my sleep (??) and then woke up on my own at 5:22. weird. needless to say, i threw my interval track run out the window and did half an hour on the bike instead. averaged 15 mph, 7.5 miles total.


swam 1000 m at the Y.

wanted to save my legs for the race on saturday.


easter sun run 10k! see my post for that!

official time was 56:01.

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