Monday, June 28, 2010

milk glass vases

so, i said i was going to work on blogging some we go!  i think i've officially annoyed and bored the crap out of everyone in my life by telling them all about my wedding, so i'll just move on to you all!

okay, so this is probably a repeat of some of you.

deal with it.


early on in our engagement, i started gathering information from all my recently married friends on where to find inspiration and ideas.  one of the best websites, pointed out by my friend megan, was

oh. emm. gee.

love them, loooooove them!  they have the most gorgeous weddings and inspirations i've ever seen! of the things that kept popping up on SMP was milk glass vases.  i LOVED the idea!  i started gathering some other inspiration images and went to my florist (aka, my mom's friend Cindy) and she also loved the idea!

here's a few of the pics i've been gathering:

seriously, what's not to love about those vases!?!

so i started searching online and found that milk glass vases are very expensive.  don't believe me?  check out ebay.  yikes!

being the thrifty self i am, i started scouring thrift shops here in wichita.

SCORE!  i've been able to find most of my vases in varying prices, but the majority have been for under a buck.

dumb ol' ebay.

i'm not even going to tell you how many i've collected.  it's a lot.  an embarrassing amount.  :)  more than enough for 3-5 vases per table, which was my goal.  and i've got a few extra that i gathered just for myself.  i may have opened a giant can of worms here...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

happy father's day!

well, i've been a failure as a blogger lately.  i promise to get some wedding projects ready to post soon...

in the mean time.

happy father's day to my dear old dad (who didn't pick up the phone this evening, but it's okay, because neither did kyle's dad...) and to all the dad's out there!

have a great one!