Monday, June 29, 2009

utter chaos

Well, I would try to get a post together for you guys, but seeing as how I can't even get my life together right now, here's a list of random things...

We are "officially" moved into the house as we no longer have my apartment to fall back on.
My brother felt the need to borrow my Jeep so we are trading for two weeks. It better come back in one piece!
We got a new fridge. It's awesome. And huge.
I don't like the shower in the new house, so the bathroom will be getting redone VERY soon.
We have internet!
I have a lot of bug bites from my backyard.
Nelson hates the basement of the new house.
We are going on a mini vacation this weekend to my parent's lake house.

That pretty much covers the last couple of weeks I'd say...

Happy July 1st, everyone!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

another giveaway

The amazing blogger known as is doing yet another amazing giveaway! This time it's Scentsy products! Scentsy is a really awesome sounding wickless candle. You can go to their website here.

I'm pretty sure that even if I don't win, I will be partaking in the buying of a few prodcuts, these look so awesome!
I'd have to say if I had my pick, I'd get the Black Raspberry Vanilla of the bars:

This awesome teal (I LOVE TEAL!!) plug in warmer:

And for the living room, I'd go with the Zensy warmer.
We have a lot of decorations from Asia that Kyle has picked up when he's there for work stuff, and my living room is decorated in red and black. PERFECT! So head on over and enter to win!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

totally awkward tuesday

Here's another tale from the crypt...that awkward thing called college.

The second semester of my freshman year, I took this really awesome history class with a couple of friends of mine, one of them a history major. That's not really important to the story, but you know, I thought I'd throw it in there.

Anyway, we took this really awesome class. I loved the professor, she was hilarious and totally married to her job. She even told us her job ruined her marriage. But, again, not important to the story.

So, we made it to finals week and I had done pretty well in the class, it was a big class and I had answered questions right a few times. I'm not sure anyone would remember me from the class, but, you know, the professor at least recognized me in the halls and stuff. So, I'm taking my final (which was a tough one, by the way) and it was HOT. We're talking Kansas summer hot, which is really freaking hot. And humid. The class was in one of the older buildings on campus, so I wore summer clothes and some Old Navy flip flops.

So, I flip flop my way down the stairs to turn in my final and my blue book with my essays in it, turn it in and turn around to go back up the stairs and exit. I get, like, two steps up and I catch my flip flop on the stairs and start to fall forward. My flip flop holds me for a second or two, lovingly trying to stop me from complete embarrassment when all of the sudden, POP, it blows out. I fall the rest of the way forward, and my hands make a nice slapping noise when I hit the concrete stair.

I hobble up the stairs, and my flip flop is more like a flip, flop, SLAP, flip, flop, SLAP with the blown out shoe. I exit the room and as the door closes, I hear my two friends snorting and laughing.

I waited for them to finish their tests and they flip flop while I flip flop SLAP all the way back to the dorms. They laughed the entire way.

Thanks, guys.

And I never wore a pair of Old Navy flip flops ever again.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Pwease be my fwend!!

If you made it through that last post, WHEW! You are truly a friend. That was a long one. Took me, like a week and a half to write all of those. It's okay if it takes you that long to read it, too.

Thanks, friend, for reading my blog, I love having a place where I can write and be myself. Thanks for listening! If you're lurking in the background, be sure to comment, I love comments! And I love discovering new blogs, so leave it with your Google so I can hop over and read yours!

100 things you never knew on my 100th post!!

  1. I hate corn. No, check that, I DESPISE corn. Passionately despise corn. Because it pops in my mouth. I'll eat it in a few things, but never by itself.
  2. I have texture issues with food. Nothing gooey, slimy or that pops goes in my mouth. Sick. I might go vomit right now just thinking about it.
  3. But, I'll eat any other vegetable. Including brussel sprouts. YUM!
  4. My favorite food is Japanese food, ESPECIALLY sushi!
  5. I'm not that big of a fan of chocolate. Strange for a woman, maybe, but I'd rather have salty snacks than chocolate any day!
  6. I don't tell people I'm an interior designer any more. I've learned that they just go, "Oh, you MUST come over and tell me how to rearrange my living room." Well, sorry guys, I don't know much about residential design and I think everyone should be able to arrange their living room because they are the ones that know about how they use it, not me.
  7. I'm still best friends with my clique from high school. I adore them and they will forever be in my lives. I'm so happy for that!
  8. People think I'm funny. Unfortunately, about half of the time, I'm not trying to be funny, I'm serious. And then I have no clue why everyone is laughing. Sometimes I wonder about myself.
  9. I live on Diet Coke.
  10. I really don't like Pepsi. My mom used to work for Coca-Cola and so we always had it around the house. Pepsi just tastes funny to me because I was never give it as a kid, I guess.
  11. Farmer's markets are some of my favorite places in the world. We have a really good one here in Wichita (bring on the jokes, come one, I can take it. Yes, we have a lot of farmer's here...) and it's in Old Town, one of my favorite places in this city.
  12. Another favorite place of mine is, junk stores. Not antique stores, because sometimes they charge WAYYYY too much for stuff. Junk stores sell junk, that I can turn into something beautiful and tell everyone I paid a ton for it (JUST KIDDING). And they believe me, because I'm an interior designer, so, like, I should totally know where to get awesome stuff! Sike.
  13. My favorite color is red. The best red is brick red.
  14. Orbit is the only gum I'll buy. Kyle loves Extra, and I think that stuff is just sub par as far as taste goes. Orbit is far superior. Luckily, we go to Sam's and buy the multi packs for ourselves, so we don't have to share.
  15. There are very few stores that sell my size of bra (and I'm keeping that to myself) so I mainly shop at Victoria's Secret. One of the other stores is Fredrick's of Hollywood, we have one here in Wichita, which surprises me, but I just really don't like going in there, a little too risque for me. And their bra's run small, so I'm like two sizes bigger there. Just keep it all the same, people.
  16. Speaking of which, I think all clothes should all be set to a standard, because I don't like trying things on. I'd rather return it and try it on at home. I don't believe in mirrors in stores, I think they are there to trick your mind.
  17. Speaking of inappropriate things, when I bought my house, there was a big box of DIRTY MAGAZINES in my garage. It was Barely Legal, Hustler and some DVD cases of Soul Sisters. Well, whatever makes you happy I guess, but I'm throwing it out, not sure I can bring myself to recycle those... "Geez, man, I don't want your big box of porn!" Name that movie!!
  18. I ran track and cross country in high school.
  19. I was also co-editor of the yearbook my senior year.
  20. My parents own a hardware store. I worked there in high school. It's coming in handy now that I'm remodelling my house...
  21. I've been dating my boyfriend for almost seven years. Holy crap, that's since I was eighteen! I guess I'm just realizing this...
  22. Speaking of Kyle, I always have problems remembering what year he was born. Is that weird? He was born in March of '82 and I was born in December of '83 but we are almost two years apart so it throws me off every time, I always think it's '81 for some reason.
  23. I freaking LOVE McDonald's and anyone that tells me they don't like it, I automatically assumes is crazy. Who doesn't love McDonald's?!?
  24. My new neighborhood has all my favorite restaurants! Yamasa (Japanese fast food grill and sushi), Jimmy John's, Spangles and Chipotle. I'm going to get SO FAT.
  25. But probably not, because I'm going to join the gym I used to train at when I was in high school, Health Strategies at Wesley. Unfortunately, all those restaurants are on the way to the gym...crap.
  26. I'm addicted to anything Google. Reader, Blogger, Gmail, and especially Chrome. It's my new love, Chrome. You should check it out.
  27. In fact, I'm even typing this up in Google Docs, so I can spell check and save it. I'm not a fan of the drafts in Blogger, I like the Docs better. It's more like Word on Google steroids.
  28. I'm so OCD, that I set up a Google Docs spreadsheet to track our renovation expenses and then I added Kyle so he could update. Of course, then he changed a bunch of stuff and I had to go back in and change it back, but it's the thought, right?
  29. And then he created one for our monthly expenses...that boy really knows me!
  30. I recycle, like, everything. I even will take home stuff the old samples from our interior's library at work and make them into other stuff so we don't have to throw it away.
  31. I only get my hair cut two-three times a year. So sue me.
  32. I hate flying by the seat of my pants. I'm a planner. In fact, I actually schedule time to plan each week. Seriously, there is a event that reoccurs each week to remind me to export my work calendar from Outlook so I can sync it with my Google Calendar.
  33. Kyle, by the way, is the complete opposite of a planner. He's late everywhere and usually makes me late with him. Which I can't stand. He also never writes anything down, so therefore he's always asking me what we have scheduled when. It's a good thing I'm around to make sure he remembers to breathe.
  34. The other day Kyle and his brother were talking (I wasn't around I guess) and Kyle said something about kids and how many we wanted to have. His brother than said something along the lines of, "You want to have kids? You know when women get over the age of 30 they have trouble with that, right?" I'm still trying to figure out if he means we won't get married until I'm 30 or if he doesn't know how old I am (I'm 25, by the way.)
  35. I adore Craig Ferguson. Must have something to do with the Irish/Scottish thing. I adore my island-mates or something. :)
  36. Maybe I should point out that I'm somewhere between a sixth and a quarter Irish. We aren't sure, but that's what I am MOSTLY. Hence, the red hair and freckles.
  37. I have 8 piercings. But only one is not in my sicko, it's in my naval...I know what you are thinking.
  38. I really, really, really, really want a tattoo, but two things are stopping me. One, I don't like pain/needles. Two, they cost A LOT of money. I'd rather drop a C note at Target right now than on some ink. I'm trying to save up. It's a reward if I lose a certain amount of weight, so I might end up getting one eventually.
  39. I believe in ghosts or spirits. Or whatever you want to call them.
  40. And aliens. I think it's pretty narcissistic to think we are alone here.
  41. I also believe that MAYBE, just maybe, ghosts could be aliens. I mean, who knows?
  42. And, yes, I do believe in God and Jesus and everything, but, you see, the thing I DON'T believe in, is organized religion. I was burned by some people at a younger age and I'm not that trusting after that. It's not that I'm an atheist or anything, it's that I don't believe that anyone has the right to tell me what is right and what is wrong other than God himself. And he tells me through my ethics and conscience and prayer.
  43. But, I also like to hear about other's faith and beliefs. I love to have conversations about faith and learn about what other people think, just don't get me started or I may never shut up about it.
  44. I was completely offended the other day when someone I know told me that George Tiller deserved what he got. Oh my gosh, really!?!?! So wrong, dude, so wrong. No one deserves to die, regardless of what he's done.
  45. I am also offended by any racist/prejudice jokes. I hate them, even if they are just joking. What is this, 1845?
  46. I hate to argue about politics, but I passionately follow them. I love to learn about the person that is running my country/state/city/organization or whatever that I'm involved in. I want to know the real person, not what everyone else perceives.
  47. My dad is deaf in one ear and has poor hearing in the other. Makes car trips interesting. Kind of fun when you can talk about whatever you want, whenever you want and have a person not even know what you are talking about.
  48. Kyle is blind in one eye. Not sure I ever said that on here. He had a farm accident when he was working harvest the summer before we started dating (but, I already knew him) and a teeny tiny piece of metal tear through his retina and then rusted in his eye, killing all the rods in one eye. He's already had one cataract removed and he's only been blind about 7 years.
  49. But, I think those two things (both my dad and Kyle) has given me a different perspective on things. You think differently about the spaces you are designing when you know people with disabilities. And that is a good thing.
  50. My favorite flower is a cala lily.
  51. My favorite animal is a penguin.
  52. I think it's funny that Kyle is constantly asking me things like, "Your favorite color is teal, right?" Or something else. He KNOWS what my favorites are, he just does it to annoy me.
  53. I really like to talk about myself.
  54. I have the quote, "Well behaved women rarely make history" from Laurel Ulrich Thatcher on my desk. It's a good conversation piece!
  55. Did I mention that I work with about 95% men?
  56. I thank goodness every single day that I sit next to a totally awesome person. We get a long great and we have the same religious ideals/political views, which is a rarity where I live (READ: conservative, bible belt, Mid-America). Please, no one take offense, I know not everyone is like that (I'm not.) it's just that's how we are perceived.
  57. I worked my way through college. Like, all the way, six years of grueling hell to finally graduate.
  58. One job was lifeguarding/teaching aerobics/teaching swimming lessons at the Manhattan pool.
  59. Another was working for KSU Human Resources. My HR Hotties, miss ya girls!
  60. Another was working at an elementary school as a tutor and after school program mentor.
  61. The last (and probably my favorite) was working at Boys and Girls Club. I had some awesome bosses and got to work with teens. Greatest. Experience. Of. My. Life. It truly gave me great perspective on how I grew up versus how other kids did.
  62. The reason it took that long to graduate is because I drastically changed majors (journalism to interior design) and the interior design program is a very strict four year program, no getting around that.
  63. I'm one of those people that's going to say what I think, when I'm thinking it. Sometimes I even speak before I think. Sorry. I'll just apologize now, but it's the way I am, take or leave it. Don't read my blog if you don't like it.
  64. TLC has to be one of my favorite television channels. Followed by the History Channel. I'm a big giant nerd, but it's okay.
  65. I love wrapping presents. If I could make a living just wrapping presents, I totally would.
  66. Today I wrapped a present for my adorable friend. She will be getting a food storage container wedding cake. :) I'll post pictures later, I don't want to ruin the surprise! Just in case she reads this.
  67. I also wrapped another present for another adorable friend. She will be getting a Itso storage container (drool....) with a new bath mat and two hand towels. I rolled them all up and put them in the container and sprinkled some fun stuff in it. Wrapped it in a plastic bag. Again, I'll post pictures better.
  68. This is a strange one...whenever I paint my fingernails, it feels like they are suffocating. Not my toes, just my fingers. Does that happen to anyone else? Even clear polish makes me feel like that.
  69. Also, some sunblock makes my skin feel that way, too.
  70. I didn't get along with my brother very well when we were younger, but now that we are older, we get along much better. I'm happy for that, he's an interesting person.
  71. I wear sunblock every day, because I have lighter skin with freckles and even though I tan easily (must get that from my mom...) but I worry about skin cancer.
  72. I'm watching this new show on TLC right now, and the bride's name is Newsy. Isn't that adorable? She's adorable, so maybe that's why I think that.
  73. My dog doesn't give me "kisses" like licking my face, but he will lick my feet. What a weirdo.
  74. It has taken me a week to get this far on the list, but my goal is to finish it tonight.
  75. I'm going to TWO weddings tomorrow. One is a family friend that I basically grew up with and the other is Kyle's brother. A must to be at both of them.
  76. I'm watching King of Queens and it's one of those where Leah Remini is pregnant, but they just mask it in the show. I wonder why they did that? They should have just made them have a baby in the show.
  77. I always forget how much I like this show until I watch it on a random day.
  78. I'm so excited to get to travel when I have some more money. I really want to go to Europe, India and Indonesia. Especially Indonesia, because Kyle's been there for work, and he can show me around.
  79. We hope to go there on our honeymoon some day. And visit some people that he's met through work.
  80. I also would really like to visit Ireland some day, since both Kyle and I are part Irish. That would be really cool.
  81. Please don't ask me when we are getting married. I don't know that answer and I'm tired of getting that question.
  82. But speaking of weddings, I've always wanted to get married at the Exploration Place. I think it's beautiful and I didn't even know they did weddings there until recently and it's actually pretty decently priced. Might have started planning my wedding before I even got engaged. (I'm pretty sure I have an old post on this somewhere...)
  83. I also want a wedding with grey suits instead of black or brown tuxes. Grey is the new brown, which was the new black for a while.
  84. And I could possibly have picked out colors...and flowers...and everything else. :)
  85. I'm a very non-confrontational person. I have had some issues with people that confront me at work. I just have trouble standing up for myself.
  86. I think it is a result of being bullied when I was younger. I've never been able to stand up for myself.
  87. My hair is pretty thin, but I have LOADS of it and it's really full. And I have no idea where it comes from, my mom has really dark brown hair and my dad is blonde. Mine is a reddish brown. Hmmm...maybe a grandparent?
  88. If I just were to let my hair dry naturally, it would poof up so much, it'd look like half a fro. Not a good look on me.
  89. So instead, I put in gel and hair spray and scrunch it up to wear it curly or straighten it. The straightening takes like half an hour though, and the scrunching only take about ten minutes. You can guess which I do more often.
  90. I have so much hair that I can take a shower, throw my hair up in a pony tail, and when I take my hair out the next day for another shower, it will still be damp. I have a couple of friends that have the same thing happen, I just think it's kind of funny.
  91. My hair hasn't been cut in a while and it's getting so heavy that I can't wear it in a high ponytail because it's so heavy. I have to put it in a low one or I get a headache.
  92. I'm getting ready to update my 101 things to do in 1001 days because I'll be crossing a few off in the next couple of weeks...
  93. ...because I have some announcements to make! (And I'm so EXCITED about them!! Get ready!)
  94. Kyle got a job in the Wichita area.
  95. He starts a week from Monday.
  96. Which means he'll be moving down here!
  97. And we'll be living together!
  98. In our new house!!!
  99. And I'm so incredibly excited about it!!!!!
  100. And again, don't ask if we are getting married, this all happened really fast and we aren't planning anything in the near future.

I hope you like the new header I'm adding, I decided to go with the Catie and Co. after some major thinking about it. BUT...since we'll have a two person, one cat, two dog household, I thought the whole crew could be included in the "and Co." This is only my second attempt at making a header, but I really like it. Hopefully I can keep it for a while before I get bored again!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

i actually WON something!

i NEVER win!

like ever. you know, in like drawings and stuff.

'cause i win fights with kyle all the time. hehe.

but, alas, i did win something for once. fantabulously frugal had a 31 days of giveaways on her site. which i love. because i'm a cheapskate and i have a cheapskate boyfriend, and she always posts about the most awesomest deals and stuff.

but that's neither here nor there.

she had some really awesome stuff and i entered nearly every.single.drawing. because i totally wanted it all.

and i won the very LAST drawing she had!

a dvd of the slumdog millionaire.

YESSSS....i rule.

that's all i really wanted to say. and i'm working on my 100th post, so watch out bloggy world, catie's coming!