Tuesday, June 16, 2009

totally awkward tuesday

Here's another tale from the crypt...that awkward thing called college.

The second semester of my freshman year, I took this really awesome history class with a couple of friends of mine, one of them a history major. That's not really important to the story, but you know, I thought I'd throw it in there.

Anyway, we took this really awesome class. I loved the professor, she was hilarious and totally married to her job. She even told us her job ruined her marriage. But, again, not important to the story.

So, we made it to finals week and I had done pretty well in the class, it was a big class and I had answered questions right a few times. I'm not sure anyone would remember me from the class, but, you know, the professor at least recognized me in the halls and stuff. So, I'm taking my final (which was a tough one, by the way) and it was HOT. We're talking Kansas summer hot, which is really freaking hot. And humid. The class was in one of the older buildings on campus, so I wore summer clothes and some Old Navy flip flops.

So, I flip flop my way down the stairs to turn in my final and my blue book with my essays in it, turn it in and turn around to go back up the stairs and exit. I get, like, two steps up and I catch my flip flop on the stairs and start to fall forward. My flip flop holds me for a second or two, lovingly trying to stop me from complete embarrassment when all of the sudden, POP, it blows out. I fall the rest of the way forward, and my hands make a nice slapping noise when I hit the concrete stair.

I hobble up the stairs, and my flip flop is more like a flip, flop, SLAP, flip, flop, SLAP with the blown out shoe. I exit the room and as the door closes, I hear my two friends snorting and laughing.

I waited for them to finish their tests and they flip flop while I flip flop SLAP all the way back to the dorms. They laughed the entire way.

Thanks, guys.

And I never wore a pair of Old Navy flip flops ever again.

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  1. Your story sounds so embarassing. Nothing like falling on your face and having friends laugh at you to turn you bright red.

    The only pair of old navy flip flops I've ever owned were some $6 (as compared to $3) ones. They were black and while and I tied blue fabric to them to make graduation shoes. I never owned others because super short people shouldn't wear flats!!!


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