Wednesday, July 21, 2010

ummm...'scuse me?

that's what i said when i found out that all the candles at my venue have to be encased in a candle holder that covers the flame by TWO INCHES.  now, let me tell you, in the wedding votive world, that's a lot.  like it might as well be friggin' twelve inches.  sheesh.
hopefully you remember what i told you i'm doing for my flowers, and since i did finally find a votive candle holder that did cover the flame by two inches, i wanted to show you what they are!

are you ready for this?

blue. mason. jars.

okay, so not as exciting at some people think, but i adore them.  and they remind me of my grandmother (who, coincidentally, i got most of my jars from...)

feast your eyes on some candle jar porn:

seriously, i'm in love with these and i can't wait to see it all put together on the big day.


in other big news, our house is OFFICIALLY clean!  like really and actually clean!  kyle's grandparents came into town this week to see his great aunt (who lives nearby) and they wanted to see the house, so we spent a few days picking up and organizing all our crap.  it's SO NICE to be organized.  huge relief.  and now i can focus on wedding invites this weekend!  i also have my first dress fitting, so my mom is coming back to wichita to spend the weekend, so it will be a wedding filled weekend!  yay!


  1. Its always nice to read a blog post about a clean house - just had to say hello after reading that lol

  2. LOVE the mason jars. especially the hanging one -- fantastic.

  3. catie- thanks for your input on my color scheme! I had kinda considered painting the fireplace a beige, but not seriously enough to find a good color. that light tan sounds perfect.

    for the basement -- both couches will be floating. (creates my office space.) Would you still do a darker color on the walls that will be behind the couches?


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