Thursday, October 22, 2009


it's friday!  so i'm doing my random friday a little early.  :)

i went and did my shopping today.  you all know how much i love target.  and coupons.  i was told (this is not the first time) that i was a "coupon lady" and that i was "awesome at shopping."  i like to hear that.  i kind of view couponing as a competition to see how much money i can save myself each week.  i saved almost 75% off my entire cart!  considering i got a cute sweater for almost full price.  (don't tell kyle that one...)

dillons and walgreens on the other hand...not so great to coupon at.  i ALWAYS have troubles there!  i think it's just the ones i shop at, because kyle's mom always does well at walgreens.  maybe i shouldn't go to the one i go to anymore.  plus, my dillon's kind of scares me, there are some interesting characters there!   there is a dillon's marketplace up at central and rock that i LOVE to go into.  it's like walmart only clean and has a way better organic section.


know what else i'm loving?  not getting up on the roof.  (i just had to add that in there.)


i really need to clean my house.  or maybe it should just clean itself.  i'm just saying.


i just painted my toenails a lovely shade of dark plum.  yummy, they look good enough to eat!


has anyone seen the proposal?  i really want to see it.  i adore ryan reynolds.  i also really want to see the new george clooney movie!  i can't remember the name right now, but it looks freaking hilarious.  who knew such a gorgeous man would be such a comedic genius?  kyle and i are huge fans of o brother where art thou.  he got me hooked on it.


finally...i leave you when another hint to my halloween costume!

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