Tuesday, September 15, 2009

oh, the irony...

you know what i'm doing, like right now. like right this very second. we're talking RIGHT NOW as i type this?

i'm watching biggest loser (hello...my name is catie, and i'm addicted to reality television...) and eating ice cream. how SICK is that? totally twisted, right?! i should probably stop and go work out, but it's like a train wreck.

i. just. can't. stop. watching. it.

on a side note: i'm so glad daniel is back. that kid is so inspirational.

maybe i should use some of that inspiration and go to the gym...after i finish this...

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  1. That's hilarious. I watched last night, too. I can't believe that that one woman was out for the whole week and in the hospital! And wasn't it only one mile?

    Eric was sitting on my lap when Shay was crying, and he was really concerned. Then he was happy when she stopped crying. Then sad when Jillian made her cry again. I told him that Jillian made lots of people cry.

    Interesting that the trainers don't have teams this year.

    And eliminations are so tough. Alexandra proved she could work hard. But does that mean she earned the right to stay, or can do well at home? Did Julio not work hard enough? Is it because he's older? Just the way his body works? Does he deserve to go home for that, or need to stay even more?

    It's such a tough call.


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