Tuesday, September 29, 2009


it's been over a week since my last post. FAIL!

but tonight i just HAD to tell you about how much i heart target.  seriously, i could live there.  love it.

i found some cute little halloween dodads in the dollar aisle, they hold tealight candles.  a ghost, a witch hat and a jack o' lantern.  and i also got some treat bags. i'm going to fill them up and only give them to the awesome people at work. *evil laugh* no, seriously though, i'll just give them to people that know my name. which is...not that many. :)

kind of annoying, because i think i'm a pretty awesome person.  people should want to know me.  or at least what the heck my name is.

i also got some good stuff for decroating the house on clearance, which i'm super excited to start doing once the roof is done!  that and unpacking. 

yeah, we haven't unpacked everything, what of it?

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  1. Ah, Target. Target target target. Just the sound of that word makes me happy.

    Bargain bins are the best. And clearance. My problem is that everyone out here knows how awesome target is, and they're always overpicked. And there are only two targets for a population the same size as wichita! Can you imagine if you only had two targets?! sucky! And the closest one to me is like a 25 minute drive. lame lame lame.


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