Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wiww - week 5

seriously?  i'm missing wednesday again?  jeez...

yeah, i should not stand like that in photos.  and also, heels make me look thinner.  note to self.

tunic - jc penneys
woven belt - came free with a pair of pants from tj maxx
brown trousers - tj maxx
necklace - gift from my great aunt coral.  i don't think she was my real great aunt, but she was friends with my grandma and liked to give me stuff...and i loved it!

it's blue shells of some sort on a chain.  very pretty.

 nasty weather returns to the boots come back out!
sweater, tank under, jeans - target
boots - piperlime
necklace - walmart, ages ago
earrings - thifted, i added them to new hook thingies (that's a techinical term) because i'm allergic to nickel.  and eww...why would you stick something in your ear that someone else had in their ear?  nope, can't do it.

collar shirt - steve and barry's (loved that place!)
sweater - sam's club
trousers - the gap
heels - thrifted
necklace - gift from kyle

 cardi, tank, t-shirt, trousers - all from target
heels - tj maxx
necklace - estate sale
earrings - steve and barry's (still miss that place!)

yeah, you still can't see the earrings...sigh...must find a better place for self portraits.

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