Wednesday, April 13, 2011

wiww - week 3

fancy new camera edition!

well, some of the week has the fancy new camera...some of it is still a mix of old camera and ipod.  i'll just tell you now, i'm learning in the photography realm.  i have a lot to learn.  A LOT.

linking up to lindsay's what i wore wednesday again over at the pleated poppy!  see you all there!

i look concerned about something...not sure what.

white ruffled shirt - kohl's
black trousers - merona, target
purple shoes - charlotte russe, purchased for anna's wedding!
journey necklace - gift from kyle

awesome shoes.  the best part about shoes is no matter how much weight i gain, THEY STILL FIT!  that, my friends, is why women are obsessed with cute shoes.

this is my go-to lazy-but-still-have-to-wear-nice-clothes outfit.  it's like wearing pajamas.  only not.

blue jersey knit shirt - target
scarf you can barely see - famous footwear
white tank under - target
tan trousers - the gap
brown heels - thrifted 

cute, yes, but i keep forgetting how much they hurt.  must put in insoles soon.  ouch.

friday - fancy camera alert!
grey striped shirt - the gap
grey tank under - target
pink and grey paisley scarf - cute little nepalese man i met while on my honeymoon.  at a santa fe, nm shop called the Jackalope.  if you've never been, GO!  we spent way too much money there.
skinnies - target
shoes - famous footwear, purchased for halloween when i went as Juno

 spent the morning on the rental and the afternoon working on IIDA's Extreme Makeover project!
tshirt - free from the Purple Pig for being one of the first 100 there on Fake Patty's Day (drinking at 6 in the morning is a fact i shouldn't be proud of, but am...hah!)
jeans - old navy, cuffed because it was hot as hell on saturday
shoes - dick's sporting goods, they are old enough i can't run in them anymore, but i still love them.  love me some asics!

 let's pretend that's a bad angle and not my ever enlarging hips right there...gross.
jean jacket - seriously from eighth grade, amerian eagle.  does that make in vintage!?!  HAHA!
dress - thrifted, merona brand
tank, leggings and sandal's - target
journey necklace - gift from kyle

tunic top - just thrifted that on monday, had the tags on it still and said it was from gordman's, but it's a kohl's brand.  odd...
grey tank under - target
grey trousers - maurices
journey necklace - gift from kyle (i have a habit of leaving this one on for a you can see from this post.)
awesome red ruffle shoes - target daily deals website, purchased for my wedding!  a whopping $14!

and because you all know i love to put in gratuitous wedding shots, here are my shoes in action on the day of!

those shoes are awesomely comfortable.  best $14 i ever spend on a pair of heels.

what did YOU wear this week!?!

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