Wednesday, April 20, 2011

wiww - week 4

where's wednesday?

i have no clue.

 we had a special event after work and i knew i didn't want to wear something too hot for all the running around i'd be doing.  skirt to the rescue!
shirt and earrings - target
skirt and tights - walmart and both from my freshman year of college...oi vey!  time to diet...
flips - charlotte russe
necklace - premier party at monica's!

love this necklace!  i broke it later that day, but then fixed it with my mad plier skillz.  yo.

shirt and tank under - target
jeans and flats - maurices
bracelets and earrings - so old i don't remember
scarf - from my honeymoon, jackalope, santa fe, nm

better view of my scarf.  the scarf is my go-to lazy's just too easy!

cute ruffled flats to distract you from the fact that i don't have a saturday or sunday post.

i don't have a saturday or sunday post....

we were at kyle's grandpa's house and spent the weekend on the farm.  so, i wore work clothes all weekend.  that's probably all you really need to know.  :)

dress - merona brand, thrifted
tank, leggings, strappy sandals - target
necklace - kohl's 

i don't know why i took this picture, but don't my boobs look great!?!  i crack myself up.

ruffled tank, gramps sweater, heels - target
tank under - charlotte russe
belt - t.j. maxx
pinstripe trousers - maurices
necklace - claire's, from college 

here's to hoping this next week goes better!

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