Friday, April 1, 2011

five friday faves

a-lit-er-a-tion!!!!  sing it with me, ya'll.

here's five things to make your friday a little prettier.

source {via etsy}

i've been on a cooking streak lately and these look like a fantastic thing to try out!  tomatoes are so summery.  oh, summer, where have you gone and when are you coming back?

i miss you.

source {custard heart vintage}
more summer cravings.  summer dresses.

how STINKIN' cute is that sock monkey cup cozy?!?!  owl's actually freak me out a bit {uh, they can turn their head all the way aroung.  'nuff said.} but that owl one is pretty cute, too!  i'm taking a knitting class with my friend jules starting next week!  maybe they'll teach me how to sew a sock monkey mug cozy....

source {gussy sews}
i've been drooling over this gussy bag for a while.  let's be honest, i've been drooling over everything gussy makes for a while now!  :)

source {the pleated poppy}
another shop i've drooled over for a while {and pointed out to you wednesday} is the pleated poppy.  i think this little pouch would be perfect for holding my iPod and headphones, non?

happy friday!

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