Sunday, April 3, 2011


so, i'm probably way late on this bandwagon, but i'm just discovering the love i have for a little website.

you may have heard of it before....


yeah, you know, the awesome website that allows you to "pin" things, put a little comment and essentially saves them for you, and then shows your friends what you love?  out there in the universe.  floating in the clouds.

i bet pinterest's clouds are quite pretty.  and possibly pink.  at least in my world they are.

i read about pinterest a while ago over at no biggie's blog.  and then like five other blogs that i follow.  they all found out about it at ALT.  but...i'm not cool enough to go to ALT.  or, really, have any reason to go other than it sounds like a blast.  and i'd love to hear heather speak.  (who wouldn't, really?)

but i digress.

the point is:
i gots mad graphix skillz, yo.

yes, yes, i did just speak about myself in third person.  you gotta problem with that?

since i'm fairly new to pinterest (i just got my invite on took a while, but they are still in beta phase, so that's completely understandable) i don't feel i can deeply express my love quite yet, but for now, i'll just show you the one reason i keep going back for more.

pretty little inspriation boards.

sigh....a designer's dream come true!

where WAS this website when i was planning my wedding!?!

and i thought using google docs to plan it was groundbreaking...

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