Saturday, April 2, 2011

these things have their place...

...i know that.

but, can i just say that i absolutely-without-a-doubt, freaking, fraking HATE these things!?!

with a serious passion.

becaaaaaaaaaaause, of this.

see that right there?  that annoying little red box?


so, in all honesty, this one isn't that bad.  but i can hardly EVER get these things right on the first time.  obviously, i didn't get the one previous to this right the first time.  i wish i had a screen shot of THAT one.

all i want is my free facebook marketing guide, people.  because i think our little IIDA page could use this.  and i'm supposed to be in charge of updating it (along with a few other people), and it's not really doing as well as i thought it would.  apparently interior designers in the wichita area are not fans of facebook.  or twitter.

does it REALLY matter all that much if i can decipher stupid little words on a computer screen?  does it free facebook marketing guide giveawayers?


i need some junk food.  stat.

is it just me?  am, i just prove-to-me-you're-a-real-person-not-a-computer-thingies retarded?

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