Sunday, March 6, 2011

bad news // good news

bad news: kansas state is not the big 12 champs.
good news: at least we beat KU!  :)

bad news: our faucet finally broke all the way {it's been hanging on by a thread} last night after kyle's shower
good news: he fixed it today!

{um...yeah...we've been forced to use a screwdriver to turn the hot water on for about the last, OH, 2 months or so.}

bad news: we went to kyle's grandmother's funeral thursday.
good news: we got to see his family on thursday and friday.

hey LOOK! it's walsh!

bad news: i lost the key to kyle's car.
good news: yeah, there really isn't any good news...i tore apart the cars and the house to try to find them...


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