Tuesday, March 22, 2011


tonight i ventured a little beyond my normal chores.  into the guest room.

oi vey.

the guest room...is where i've been harboring all my wedding stuff.  it's so embarrassing, i can't even show you a picture of it.

oh yeah, guess what?  wedding stuff doesn't just go away.  or sell itself.  or anything like that.

nope, it stays right there.  in the tubs.  where everyone put the stuff on the night of.


now i have a ginormous pile of stuff in my craft room, ready to be photographed and listed on etsy!  i'd like to make some money...but honestly i'm just more excited to have a guest bedroom again.

back to it.

ps - if you happen to be in the market for some milk glass, paper straws, vintage glassware, vintage table cloths, or any other thing that happened to be at my wedding, go ahead and visit my etsy shop.

pps - there is nothing listed there yet.  check back soon.

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