Tuesday, March 1, 2011

it's march!

i feel like that should actually say...'IT'S FINALLY FREAKING MARCH!"

because, YAY!!!! it's finally freaking March!

March is the start of all things holy and great in this household.  it is honestly one of my all time favorite months.  ever.

1. Spring - a two edged sword for anyone with allergies, yes, but i happen to live in a wonderful state that has (say it with me, guys) FOUR. FULL. SEASONS.  if i lived where there was no seasons, i'd go postal.  wait, i don't think it's called going postal if it's a depression about the seasons.  i actually learned this in college, i'm pretty sure...i think it's called Seasonal Affective Disorder (S.A.D.)  well, lookie there!  i was right!  and you all thought that a B.S. in Interior Design was really a just a B.S. in Bull Shitting.  it ain't.  i learned me some right good stuff in that thar place.

what was i saying?

oh, yeah.  i don't really like Spring, other than it's almost Summer.  which means it's almost tomato season, waterski season, and it doesn't get dark at 5 pm.  but i do get to start planting things outside soon.  i guess what i'm saying is, with the exception of my allergies, Spring isn't really all that bad.  she's just a little temptress that is the greatness of Summer, but let's be honest, they pale in comparison to Fall.

2. St. Patty's Day - i might not be full-blooded Irish, but i've got a bit 'o the luck in me.  i'd say my brother and i are about 1/6th Irish if my calculations are correct (you shouldn't trust those...i'm horrible at math.) so i fully enjoy St. Patty's Day. 

in a former life {ahem, college} i used to enjoy Fake Patty's Day, a wonderful and glorious Kansas State Aggieville tradition.  i partook in this awesome holiday a few times, but alas, i have decided that 27 is far too old to partake in the drinking of green beer at 6 in the mornin'.  my liver just can't take it anymore.

and i'd rather have bacon.

side note: how sad is it that the only "source" i could find for Fake Patty's Day is from urbandictionary.com?  get with it Aggieville.

be that as it may, i fully plan on enjoying a good lager and wearing green on one of my favorite holidays.

3. Kyle's birthday! - he's turning 29 this year...the women of our normal "crew" are hoping to get some parties together for their 30th birthday, as all the husbands turn 30 in the same year.  so this just might be the year to have a nice stay-in party of two birthday.  we'll see what the birthday boy thinks!

4. March Madness - love me some college basketball.  especially when Kansas State is on a winning streak.

eat it, Texas.

i saw this awesome quote on Twitter earlier..."VarneysKSU There used to be a street named after Frank Martin, but it was changed because nobody crosses Frank Martin and lives. #FrankMartin"

 oh, Frankie....

would YOU cross THAT!?!?!

what's YOUR favorite month?

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