Friday, March 11, 2011

five friday faves

how's that for alliteration!?!  duh, WINNING!

side note: Charlie Sheen is totally banana sandwich crazy {mmm...bananas....mmmm....Dane Cook....}, but i love it.  it provides hours upon hours of endless entertainment to me.

and now i know i'm not the only bat-shit crazy person in this world.  {only kyle will get that joke.}

so on that note, i bring you my five friday faves - IT'S ALMOST SUMMER!! edition

okay, okay, it's not almost summer.  but it's 57 degrees outside right now and the high is 70 today and i'm doing a happy dance about it.

never mind the fact that it will be 50 tomorrow.

and i'll be patching crumbling plaster and sanding wood floors.

nope, none of that matters.

to make up for my "poor ratio of meat to green stuff" {yes, that's a direct quote from my husband.} in last nights dinner, i probably should grill him up one of these.  how i long for tomatoes though...real tomatoes.  not that crap dillons calls a tomato.
best beer brewed in kansas!  well, kansas city.  missouri.

ready to shred some water up this summer.
 i'd love to be that comfortable.  i'd pay a lot of money to be that comfortable!!
i love this entire picture.  cat on bed, awesomely huge {and WHITE!} king sized bed, graphic pillows, and THOSE FRIGGIN' SWEET paper mache deer heads.

i want to go to there.

happy weekend, all!

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