Friday, August 22, 2008

yay for the weekends!

i saw this on another blog (thanks alyssa!) and LOVED it...because i love random things...

random ten friday.

* i'm thinking of starting another blog...specifically to do while i'm studying for the LEED exam. i think it will help me retain more information. AND if i make myself post every day, i will be forced to actually study a little bit every! i would just post a random fact up here everyday, but probably no one would be all that interesting to know. it's some pretty dry reading.

* i'm at the lake with my parents for the weekend! i haven't been here since the fourth, so i'm SO ready for an exciting weekend away from wichita!

* kyle found out this week he has to stay overseas longer than expected...BOOOO on caterpillar. i'm not liking them so much right now.

* i'm eating my mom's homemade salsa and chips right now [well, the chips are tostitos, but the salsa is homemade!] YUMMMM. i'm also craving some of her pickled green tomatoes, but i don't think she brought any. [i know, sounds gross, but they. are. to. die. for.]

* nelson loves tortilla chips, so really only about half of them make it into my mouth, because he's just so cute when he begs. :)

* i've decided to start biking to work when it's nice out. i already carpool with my friend julie, so i'm going to see if she wants to join me.

* for lunch today, the ID girls all went to Sugar Sisters. OMG, amazing food! i'm already planning a return trip for next week with some other people that work near me!

* today was our intern, monica's, last day at work. i'm gonna miss her face. :) but, i'll probably see her when i'm in manhattan for FB games and such, anyway!

* i'm worried about what i'm going to watch on tv when the olympics are over...i'm not much of a tv fan, but the olympics have me hooked! maybe i'll get back to that reading thing again....

* how is it that i'm only in my house for about 10 hours a day, and yet it still manages to become a complete mess? i haven't even been cooking lately and it's disgusting. i really MUST clean it before kyle gets back!
ECO-FRIENDLY TIP OF THE DAY: did you know that you can make your own cleaning supplies and that they are much more earth friendly AND TONS CHEAPER!? i saw this on PBS and thought i should try it [mainly because i'm cheap] but all the ingredients are also natural and safe to use! visit this site for a great recipe [the one on PBS added lemon juice for smell.]


  1. You biking to work made me think of The Office episode where Jim does that and is a sweaty mess when he gets there, then tries to bike home drunk and ends up in the bushes.....crack me up!! But that's awesome that you bike to work! Seriously rad.

    I love the random friday thing. Got it from a friend, too.

    You're right - pickled green tomatoes don't sound that appetizing. But I'll take your word for it.

    Sorry Kyle's going to be gone for longer. BOO.

    I forgot that you changed your template - I love it.

  2. Thanks for the comment! It has been so great finding Alyssa and your blogs. I told Alyssa it's funny how much you find out about someone through a blog. I didn't know you and Alyssa well in high school but it has been great getting to know you guys through the blogs!


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