Friday, August 1, 2008

biding some time until five...

I am... a daughter, sister, lover, fighter, explorer, jeep-driver, interior designer.

I think... i need a break.

I want... love, happiness, sushi, a diet coke, more money. :)

I have... my first paycheck in the "real world" in the bank today!

I wish... it was a full paycheck, but that's okay.

I hate... not having things to do at work. it makes me feel awful that i'm doing nothing.

I miss... kyle.

I fear... losing everything.

I hear... people typing and shutting down computers, printers going, people chatting, my computer humming and paper shuffling. basically, i hear my office.

I smell... coffee. (i sit near our nutrition lab...aka....the break room.)

I search... for good deals on shoes, for a new car that i'll probably never buy, for all the stuff that i lose!

I wonder... how long it will take me to get to topeka today. i'm anxious.

I regret... spending a lot of time on people that aren't worth it.

I love... kyle!

I care... too much about thing that shouldn't matter. and i'm more materialistic than i would like to be.

I always... check my email, like, ALL the time. it's worse with my new phone.

I am not... in the mood to go and ask for something to do at work. actually, i already DID ask if there was something i could do and there isn't.

I dance... whenever possible. kyle hates it, but secretly, i think he loves it.

I sing... all the time. and i can never get kyle to do it. it's okay though, he's not very good at it. :)

I write... at lot of boring notes at work.


I never... listen until someone says my name. i'm kind of a space cadet.

I listen... to other people's conversations at work. it's interesting what people say when they think you are listening to music. i also listen to pandora all day at work.

I'm scared of... losing everything.

I read... as much as possible.

I am happy about... getting to see kyle tonight! and for SUSHI!!


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  1. thanks for the comment...i was wondering if anyone ever read that post. not really many people know i have a blogger.

    no, i am not LDS; i am really non-denominational. dt and i go to a methodist church here and like it so far.

    cute blog - i am never out of things to do at work; its just a matter of having things that i WANT to do. haha.


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