Thursday, August 28, 2008

wedding wishes...

i haven't been doing a very good job this week of keeping everyone updated. i guess nothing all that exciting has happened so i didn't really have anything to blog about. :)

i thought i would tell you my randomly stumbling upon the wedding dress of my dreams! haha. now, i should tell you now that i'm not even engaged, but i think most of you know that. i do know that kyle wants a short engagement, so you know, i'm just "preparing" myself. that and my friend eva and i used to cheer ourselves up by buying bridal mags and perusing them and comparing notes. (we know we're weird.)

anyway, i'll tell my story now. my friend ian sent me a youtub video on facebook and i was looking for something else funny to send back to him. so i googled "funny youtube videos" and this blog came up. and the first video to that was on his list was THIS ONE:

and i just loved the dress! then of course i had to try to find it. i finally found one similar to it at david's bridal. but THEN, i saw this one:

and i LOOOOVED it! nice and simple and has some really nice little beads right under the bust. definintely simple enough for me. i would have a tough time deciding between those two, but i really like the galina designer for david's bridal!

just thought i'd share that with you all!

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  1. This is a gorgeous gown. So simple. I does it cross in the back like the bride's in the video?

    By the way, LOVE that video!! I actually saw them on Ellen. I think they are a big part of wedding couples doing fun choreography now - there's even a show on TLC with professional choreographers!


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