Friday, August 29, 2008

TGIF. period.

it's finally friday!

i'm still at work and i'm fairly certain that the past hour or so have been the longest in my entire life. EVER! i don't have anything to do right now and to be honest, it makes me feel awful to do much of anything while i'm at work. i mean, come on, getting paid to facebook SOUNDS great, but you know you aren't supposed to be doing it. probably the same thing applies to blogging, but i have less than 30 minutes left here and plan on doing some serious garage/estate sale shopping as soon as this blessed work week gets over. note: one thing i can't stand about wichita is that all the good sales start on thursday. at like 9 am. i'm at work, people. i guess all you supermoms get to come and steal all my good stuff away from me! [that or the little old ladies. i bet that would be an interesting fight to watch!]

on the other hand, i did spend the entire morning chatting with kyle on gmail chat and planning our fall trip. it will actually be the first "real" vacation that we've gone on together without any one else tagging along! we'll be going to the cuchara valley in colorado. his grandparents have a cabin there that they let the entire family use for free, so we don't even have to pay for lodging or anything. we'll be hiking an inactive volcano, taking a dome car train ride and visiting the great dunes national forest.

i can't wait!

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  1. The "yard" sales out here are only Friday and Saturday, but they all suck!! I can never find ANYTHING good. Not to be stereotypical, but most of the kids' clothes go through like 4 kids, then they want to sell it. And actually MAKE money. Or it's poor college students trying make money off the stuff they bought at the thrift store at the beginning of the semester.

    Anyway....hope you found some good stuff left over! And your trip sounds like it's gonna be really fun. When does Kyle come home?


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