Monday, August 25, 2008

countdown to kyle: one week [yay!!]

i had a great run today. i finally dragged my friend julie along with me. we are doing the Couch to 5K program, so we'll see how long we last at it! we took both of our dogs with us and now nelson is totally pooped. which is great, because now he's not like a cooped up dog that jumps all over me. we go for walks most nights, but running kind of takes it out of him i think. the whole running thing was originally just because i just want to get healthier, not just get back into running shape. but, now that i'm running again, i'm starting to feel the competitive drive kicking in....uh oh. unfortunately, i found out that the run that i wanted to do is the same day as my LEED exam, so i might not be able to it. we'll see how far i get on my studies before the day. it might help me calm myself a little bit, who knows.

what make YOU feel great? there's just always that something that makes you feel so accomplished or happy or wonderful or whatever...share!



  1. Working out has been my saving grace and has always made me feel good. I used to hate working out and eating healthy and I have been working with a trainer for the past 7 months and I love working out! I absolutely love running too. That's another new thing. I just feel so good when I finish. It's a great stress relief as well!

  2. I was worried when I couldn't find your blog - I LOVE the new look!! Honestly, revamping my blog makes me feel accomplished. :>) I've been walking with a friend in the mornings, but that's it. We go faster than a normal stroll, but it's definately not the speed walking we did freshman year. (Remember that?!)

    I suppose I feel good after that, but I don't feel a "work out" burn. Just feel like I got up at 6 and walked for an hour. :o)

    I hope you can run and take your LEED exam and it all works out.

    By the way, what's the LEED exam about/for?


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