Monday, August 18, 2008

i heart kyle...

i just wanted to take a blog break from the olympics and tell everyone how much i miss my adorable boyfriend, kyle. he's in indonesia on business for the THIRD summer in a row. last summer was much worse, he was gone for six weeks. the summer before that, it was 4 weeks. this time he's only gone for three. thank goodness!

look at what he sent me last was at a botanical garden they visited and he took a picture for me!

wait...have i even told you about kyle? probably not...well, i'll do my best.

my boyfriend, kyle, and i will have been together for SIX years this november 1st. i can't believe it. that seems like such a long time, but i don't feel like i'm even old enough to have been in a relationship for that long. but, alas, i have. he's origianlly from clearwater, ks, which is about 15 minutes from my hometown of goddard. we started dating my freshman year of college, his junior year. we have known each other longer, my best friend in high school (erin) dated his best friend in high school (mike). he's a mechanical engineer for caterpillar (the yellow construction things on the side of the road...) in wamego, ks. he is the engineering team leader for the forestry group. that is a pretty amazing thing for some one who's only been working there for three years...i'm so proud! he lives outside onaga, ks in the cutest little farmhouse you've ever seen. he's a total man's man, he loves to be outdoors with his dog, sly, and is usually working on something on his three acres. he's a total motorhead and would kill me if i told you this, but an animal lover to boot! it melts my heart when i see him with's one of the few things that we actually have in common. we are pretty much the perfect example of opposites attract. we have a few things in common, but for the most part we compliment each other perfectly. liek i said, we both love animals. i have a dog named nelson and a cat (who thinks he's a dog...not. kidding.) named moe. moe walked onto kyle's land last year right before he left for indonesia. when we couldn't catch him to take him to kyle's parents' house, we thought he'd run off. i went out to mow a week later and low and behold, moe (short for mower...get it?!?) was hiding in the shed and hadn't eaten since we'd left! i took him back to my place in manhattan and it was love at first pet! in addition to those pets, i also claim kyle's....he has a dog named sly. he's a new addition to the family. kyle's first dog, named snatch, was hit by a car this winter and sly just joined us this may. kyle also has abot a million cats. not really, but he's got a fair share of barn cats and a few that we've caught and tamed a little.

well, i got a little off topic, but now you've met my kyle i feel that you might know me a little better as well!

and now...some pictures! yay!

this picture is from our first summe together....2003. sheesh, that makes me sound old!

last halloween. we're duff man and the duff cheerleader. if you don't get it watch the simpsons, you'll see him eventually!

kyle's house.


  1. Kyle sounds like a great guy and perfect for you. Being without your guy is never fun - I know. And how sweet that he sent that pic for you!!

  2. I didn't know Kyle was from Clearwater. I went to Clearwater my freshman year of high school. What's his last name?


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