Wednesday, August 10, 2011

WIWWW {what i would wear wednesday}

sooo....i've been slacking in the WIWW posts.  quite honestly, it's just so hard to get excited about any clothing when it's 100+ degrees outside.  THANKFULLY, the heat seems to have broken.  as i type this, it's pouring outside.  and it feels me, our workout was inside today (due to rain) and the doors were flung open and it felt SO GOOD to have that breeze on you!


it was dark this even though it's cooler out, i'm doing another version of what i would wear wednesday!

which, let's face it, is much more fun than looking at a picture of me this fine morning.

it's getting cooler, so i'm dreaming of fall...

if you'd like to see where you can get everything, the link to the original polyvore is here.

try not to have a heart attack when you see the price of the purse.  and the jeans.  i'm just saying it's pretty, i'm not going to promise that i'm not going to find similar thrift items for $2.



  1. Love those boots!

  2. love that outfit! and polyvore! it did a great job of doing wiww for you! :) sharde @the style projects


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