Friday, August 5, 2011

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I've been thinking a lot what we all do in a day. And what I am always in awe by is how vastly different we all are, which is why I came up with this weeks prompt. This week I encourage you to find inspiration in your day-to-day by posting a single photo, a collage of photos or simply a written list that depicts A DAY IN YOUR LIFE. Some of you may be stay-at-home or work-at-home moms. Some of you, like me, are business owners. Or a student. So look around you... What does your day look like?  I hope you will find beauty in something that maybe you find a little mundane by taking a moment to work on this prompt, A DAY IN YOUR LIFE


a day i the life of catie

i'll be honest, my days tend to vary a lot.  i'm trying to change that.  i know it's healthier to get into a routine, i have just been having some troubles doing that.  right now we are working out with shocker fitness on monday, wednesday and fridays and i've been trying to get myself up to run on the off days.  unsuccessfully i might add.  but, again, i'm working on it.

so, in conclusion, i'm going to give you today's play by play, because it was somewhat of a normal day.

and i worked out, so you know, i look better.  ;)

catie's wednesday

4:45 am - alarm goes off, kyle hits snooze
5:00 am - alarm goes off again, we get up
5:15 am - we're off and headed towards shocker fitness
5:30 am - workout begins
6:30 am - workout ends and we head home
6:45 am - kyle gets in the shower and i make breakfast and his lunch
7:00 am - kyle heads out the door
7:15 am - hop in the shower, get ready for work
7:50 am - leave for work
8:05 am - get to work, log into computer
8:15 - 11:15 am - today i spent this block of time freaking out a bit about a deadline, it worked out in the end.
11:15 am - kyle called me and informs me that his flight left at 1:20 pm, not 3:20 pm like he thought and was i coming home for lunch to see him
11:30 am - left for home, ate lunch, told kyle bye (he's headed to atlanta for a meeting tomorrow)
12:30 pm - back at work, spent the rest of the day freaking out about another deadline
5:30 pm - realize that i just did a bunch of extra work that the architect didn't ask me to do, instead of working on the one thing he asked me for and decided i was too annoyed to continue working.  and the dogs needed let out.
5:45 pm - ran to dillons, grabbed a bite to eat, let the dogs out into the oppressive heat, watched the news, passed out on the couch for about an hour
7:00 pm - woke up to a cat sleeping on my head....i'm looking at you MOW...
8:05 pm - kyle calls because i didn't get online.  i was distracted by the TV i guess...
8:15 pm - we discuss a few things, hang up and i read my google reader for a while...
9:00 pm - time for the 9 pm news and a little big of blogging
9:35 pm - once the news is over, we typically start getting ready for bed so we can actually wake up at 4:45 one of these days!

my life sounds very depressing wrapped up into a little list like this.

but, the thing that i love about my job is that EVERY SINGLE DAY is different.  projects are in different stages, sometimes i head to the site, sometimes i'm working on drawings, sometimes (though not lately) i'm pulling finishes or making presentation boards and sometimes, i have nothing at all to do.  that's usually around christmas though.

because construction workers don't like to work when the ground is frozen.

just sayin'.

and because it's not a post without a picture, here's a little funny for you.

tomorrow we're doing an office tour of my very first project i did "on my own" and i was prepping a post for you all about it and went to google maps to see if it had been updated and i saw this:

construction site.  it looks like three buildings, but it's actually all one.  i promise, they even have furniture and stuff in it now.

so i got all excited and thought maybe they had updated the street view (the car has been spotted recently in the wichita area) and went to the street view and saw this:


how far i've come.

i'll take some pictures for ya tomorrow and hope to share!

and yes, i'm a funhater and blocked out all the information from the google search, so don't even bother.  i'd rather not get fired for sharing client info thankyouverymuch.


  1. Hmmmm.....I think I recognize that place ;)

  2. You had a crazy long day! I thought mine was long, but seeing the times and the info all written out is crazy! Good for you girl!


  3. Your day doesn't sound depressing, just busy! Shocker fitness sounds intimidating!!


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