Friday, August 19, 2011

five friday faves

first off, i'd like to wish my little brother a very happy 24th birthday!

jeez, topher, you sure are getting old!


this week i'd like to share five gorgeous outfits from around the interwebs...i have to admit, i'm usually more for comfort over fashion, but lately i've been trying to step out of my comfort (har har) zone and embrace different styles.

i've been drying to find a maxi that doesn't show my arms.  i have serious issue with showing my arms, especially at work for some reason.  i think the jacket gives lightweight structure and coverage that i've been looking for.

i see these skirts all the time while i'm out thrifting.  i call them "grandma skirts."  BUT, when paired with a bright pink shirt like kendi does, it goes from grandma to GLAM!  i LOOOOVE this outfit!

this is a typical fall outfit for me, but i love how the sparkly earrings and a great necklace could make this go from a fall shopping outfit to a night out with the hubs.

wow.  that's all i have to say.  it's GREY and it has POLKA DOTS and it has RUFFLES!!!  pretty much my dream dress.

Source: None via Catie on Pinterest

this one is so far out of my comfort zone, i really don't even know why i pinned it.  i think if i could swap out the striped skirt for a solid, i could try to pull this one off.  that is, if kyle promises not to tease me for pulling my socks up over the rim of my boots.  ;)

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  1. seriously! Love all these clothes! thanks for sharing! I really wish I could shop from pinterest :)


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