Thursday, August 11, 2011

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To honor our warm weather {for now}, I've been enjoying day dreaming about outdoor GARDENS, which is this week's prompt. I love my terrarium and my potted plants, but am also intrigued with lush GARDENS, with vegetables, wildflowers and green foliage. I am also inspired with unique container GARDENS that use unusual containers {like a local cafe, Wise Acres, decorates with on an inside wall}, often repurposed, to grow plants. Do you have a GARDEN you are proud of? Do you have a friend with a green thumb? Or a neighbor? Remember, this doesn't need to be a GARDEN you've harvested or even have taken a picture of {just be sure to give proper photo credit if the photo is not yours}. This is your interpretation of the GARDEN prompt.


i'm going to be honest with you here, i don't think i can "honor" the warm weather any longer.  i'm just too sick of it.  i know come february, when it's -17 degrees outside, i'm going to be wishing for it, but right now i want to smack mother nature for such crap weather.


rant over.

moving garden has gone to complete crap this year.  i planted the normal cucumbers and tomatoes and herbs and they ALL DIED, because it was way too hot.  i mean, i watered them, but that didn't really seem to help at all.  i have a few flowers let, but not many and our grass has pretty much all but dried out.  it's brown.  and crunchy.

BUT this is supposed to be a HAPPY post, so today i want to talk about my dream garden.  i'd love to have an amazingly huge, lush garden, full of veggies, potatoes and fresh herbs!  fresh herbs are my favorite!  last year, i had a pretty awesome dill plant going on and i branched out on a lot of dishes to include dill, even some fish, which i had never used it for.


of course, the mother of all things crafty, home, garden and cooking is THE martha stewart.  and martha has the mother of all gardens!  now, i don't love martha's business tactics, or, honestly, her personality.  but, i do believe that you have to admit it when people are pretty awesome at stuff, and she didn't get all the way up there without a little bit of talent.  i read this article a while back on apartment therapy (side note, how awesome is apartment therapy?  i just love it.) and they linked to a garden tour of martha's.  i can't find the original link anymore, but i DID find this awesome tour of martha's culinary herb garden and boy-oh-boy is it fantastically amazing!!  there's a few images below for you, but you really should go take the tour if you are interested at all.  beautiful!


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