Thursday, August 18, 2011

inspiration workshop with Gussy Sews


To keep with the outdoor theme {I'm soaking in every minute while the favorable weather allows), this week's prompt is THE FRONT PORCH. And really, this can be interpreted in any way... Including {but not limited to} front and back PORCHES, decks, patios, outdoor dining spaces, etc. Maybe you have a PORCH off your condo that is divine, or you have a neighbor with a space you drool over. Or, is there a rickety old porch that you find charming. Or a meal you'd like to enjoy on a FRONT PORCH.The possibilities are endless!


OOOOH!  the front porch!  one of my favorite places to be!  a front porch was a must have for kyle and i when we were looking for the house we currently live in.  i think it will be a must have in any house that we live in, ever.  there is just something so blissfully MIDWEST about a front porch.  (yes, i just made the midwest into an adjective, what are you gonna do about it?)

here's a few images of my dream front porch...

i love all the detailing of this house, and how the front porch wraps most of the way around.

the fans and the painted ceiling...SWOON!  the trim is also beautiful.

another fun wrap around.  (can you tell i have a soft spot for craftsman styled homes?)

i'd love to have a porch swing.  the lights fixtures are amazing!

we have a couple of these chairs that we've inherited from various places...we might need to get a couple of cans of spray paint out!

what does YOUR dream front porch look like?  is it in the city?  the country?  or would you rather sit in the driveway and take in the sun full blast?

Gussy Sews Inspiration Workshop!


  1. Stopping by from Gussy...

    I LOVE that second picture of the porch with the ceiling fans. It's so inviting and pretty! It looks like a cute little beach house!

  2. I love the second picture too! Even when it's hot, those fan will keep you cool. I like the aqua colored chair too. Very cute! Stopping by from Gussy.

  3. Yes, yes, and yes please! We have very similar taste in porches! I just love that old house with the wrap around and big trees nearby - taste of heaven! Visiting from IW today - it's nice to meet you~

  4. I dream of the day that I have a porch swing. I grew up with one and miss it terribly. During each summer thunderstorm, my dad would sit with my brother and I on the swing and tell us stories. It was magical and I long for those days.


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