Monday, December 1, 2008


i got the christmas tree up! well, it was up, and lit, but it didn't have the bulbs on it. i went EVERYWHERE trying to find lime green ornaments and ended up at hobby lobby (hell for an interior designer...i'm not kidding) with my friend jules (ironically, also an interior designer, but i really do like that place sometimes, just everyone ASSUMES i'll like it because i'm a designer. annoying.) anyway, we were there and looking at the ornaments and jules found the LAST box of lime green ornaments in the WHOLE STORE! and they are adorable. and perfect, because they are plastic, which sound gross, but when you have a dog and a cat, you need plastic ornaments. pets and ornaments don't mix. especially mine. anyway, i got a 24 pack of lime green and a 24 pack of black (sounds ugly, but don't judge just yet, i love them) and a pack of red that i wasn't crazy about, but got in case i couldn't find any others.

then we went to target and i found some super cute red ones! including polka dotted ones! i LOVE THEM!!! so i went home and decorated (with my best friend from high school over to visit) and i adore it! all i have left to do is make the tree skirt (my mom is going to help me with this tomorrow i think) and i'm planning on making stockings, but if i don't end up doing that, i have a back up plan of some really cute ones i found at world market during our outing tonight!

oh...and those red ones i wasn't crazy about? i replaced the white bulbs in the enamelware bowl with those and put the white ones on the tree! so i have lime green, red, black and white ornaments. fun!

here's my tree all did up with a naked bottom...poor tree, no skirt!

without the lights on. you can see the detail of the bulbs better in this one than the next one. can you see the polka dots!?! there is one on the bottom. i also LOVE the black ones. and the green ones are fun, too, two different kinds of stripes.

here's one with the lights on, not a very good one because the camera was a little shaky...i mixed the red and green lights (the tree is not prelit) because i didn't want it to look "stripy", you know like green lights, red lights, green lights or whatever.

now on to the perfect tree skirt!

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  1. Yay!! Love the tree and the polka dot ornaments and target. And lime green!! A few years ago I got some hot pink and bright purple and electric blue and lime green and gold slittery ornaments from Target the day after Christmas. LOVE THEM.

    They also had stocking holders that spelled peace & joy. I got both 'cuz I didn't know how many I'd end up needing and wanted them all to match. Anyway.....JOY. Love that you have all those things!! Your apartment looks way cute.


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