Monday, December 8, 2008

Dear Santa,

Here's a list of what I REALLY want for Christmas, even though I know better than to ask for it from any of my loved ones...

1. a dyson pet hair eraser. supposedly the best vacuum ever.
2. an eames chair. i love them all, but the lounge chair is number one on the list!
3. an imac G5...drool...and i'd have my brother get me the adobe CS4, too.
4. a 1920s bungalow style home. don't get me wrong, i love kyle's house, but if we could find one of these puppies, i'd be set for life.5. a mastercraft boat.6. a voyager phone. i'm hoping to get one in march when i switch to verizon, so i'm keeping my fingers crossed!7. now you know i'm wishing! if i were to get engaged, i would wish it would be this ring...a tiffany's novo. not going to happen (the ring...) i might get a copy cat though, so we'll see.8. this coach purse. i'm not a huge fan of the ones with the letters all over it, but this is very classic.Love,

Catie Joy Carpenter

PS - Don't forget I moved this year...

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  1. See if he can find extras of the bag, ring, house and phone for me, would ya?


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