Monday, December 15, 2008

catie needs...

i saw this on Wonder Woman's blog and thought it looked fun!

google your name with "needs" at the end, then copy the first ten things that pop up.

Catie needs to be compressed, but not in a glorious emerald future where irenes populate the land and kittens are for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Catie needs surgery!

Catie needs to diminish her penguin.

The message was that CATIE needs to continue.

An organization like CATIE needs to be a learning organization… …with the willingness and capacity to change and adapt.

Catie needs to work on school this week.

CATIE needs the assistance of those who wish to foster a legacy of regional peace and enhanced human dignity, through the conservation and wise use of the natural heritage of this wonderful Region.

okay...just so you know, i could only find seven that were even close to Catie needs...

what can i say, i's not my fault that my mom named me a weird name!

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  1. love it. when I googled "alyssa" I got a lot about alyssa milano and some author of erotica named alyssa. or the lyrics to some song called "alyssa lies," about a little girl who lies about being abused, then dies. LOVELY.

    so go ahead and diminish the penguin in your life. (weird.)


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